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  1. BLKinOR

    Unable to import from iCloud

    Screen shot of what I see when I try to import from cloud. Try again does not resolve the issue and I need to force close Affinity Photo before I can do anything else on my iPad. Any suggestions will be welcomed.
  2. BLKinOR

    Unable to import from iCloud

    Still not able to open any of my templates or jpg/png/psd files stored in iCloud. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling app without any improvement. It’s been over nearly 60 hours since I first had this difficulty.
  3. I am only getting “please try again” when I try to import new from iCloud. I get the same thing when I try to “place” from iCloud. Once in the many times I tried I got a message I think said “unable to connect with helper.....” I am able to place from photos.