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  1. Normally, I add masks/designs to shapes by first creating the shape and then dragging another layer with designs to that shape/layer (the designs layer is then shown below the shape layer and to the right). I used the pencil tool to create a curve, which has a slight outline/border around the curve (the shape layer). Now I want to add designs/stripes/shapes on top of that curve, but they need to stay within the outline/border of the curve, not outside of it. A candy cane is the perfect example: I used the pencil tool to create the white cane, but now I can't figure out how to add the red stripes so that they are only shown inside the white cane (actually inside the slight outline/border around the white candy cane). I also need to be able to use shapes as the actual designs/stripes. So the white cane is a curve with a slight border/outline made by the pencil tool, and the red stripes need to be actual shapes (all in vector). Thanks so much for your time.
  2. Thanks a lot for the response! I successfully saved the file to my Ipad Pro. Would I be able to use the following external storage with my Ipad Pro and copy/paste the file from On My IPad to this external storage? It mentions Ipad Pro, so I think it would work, right? https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-iXpand-Flash-Drive-iPhone/dp/B01CIEBU22/ref=sr_1_2?crid=29Z0XSLRDSRDE&keywords=sandisk+32gb+ixpand+flash+drive+for+iphone+%26+ipad&qid=1573699732&sprefix=sandisk+32gb+ixpand+f%2Caps%2C625&sr=8-2 Actually, maybe I will just save the file to the ICloud, access the ICloud on my computer, and then just transfer the file to a flashdrive plugged into my computer. Would that also work?
  3. Really confused with backing up files beyond simply copy/pasting, and hoping someone can walk me through the easiest possible way to have a backup copy of an Affinity Designer file. I don’t really want to download any apps or use cloud setups (even more confusing and concerned I might sync versions and accidentally overwrite a current version with an old; also prefer to have physical storage if possible). I now know you can save a copy of a file/export a file elsewhere, but I find it confusing because there are a lot of file types and I normally just copy files and paste them to a flash drive plugged into my computer. Some things I’m not sure about: 1. Is it possible to just copy/paste an Affinity Designer Ipad file to a flash drive/external drive plugged into the IPad Pro, and what is the main file type that is needed/supported so that the new IPad can simply open that backup file and continue working? 2. Is it possible to save an Affinity Designer file to the Cloud and then copy/paste the file from the Cloud to a flash drive/external storage plugged into my computer, and how do I make sure that I don’t accidentally delete the version on the IPad/overwrite that version by syncing with the Cloud? 3. I don’t have a Mac, but would ITunes be a possibility on a computer with windows. Not sure how ITunes even works or if the storage itself is actually online. Also not sure if an Affinity Designer file could actually be moved from IPad to Itunes and then to a new iPad if needed. If so, I could just store the copy on my computer with itunes. If my Ipad crashes, I just want to be able to access the same file with a new IPad and continue working. That way, I don’t have to worry about losing any work.
  4. I would like to continue saving my files on Ipad as I work, but I would like to save the file periodically to Cloud to backup just in case the Ipad or program crashes. How would I save/upload the file once to the Cloud? (I would prefer to not have the Ipad just automatically save files to the Cloud, just want to do it manually here and there just in case). Also, is it possible after saving the file to the Cloud to save that file to a flashdrive?
  5. I drew a line with the Pencil Tool and added another stroke in the Appearance Studio, but that new stroke inside the original line ends like a box with two corners (not rounded like the original line). Is there a way to create a duplicate line inside the original line so that the border on the outside matches the curves of the original line perfectly? Also, is there a way to draw with the shapes? Would probably be easier that way cause then I could just draw a line with a circle and add the border to that line/shape.
  6. Goal: I am trying to create a thick line with many curves, but I need the entire line to have the same width and a border. In the Vector persona, when you create a shape, such as a square, you can then adjust the border width around the shape. Is it possible to create a line (same width throughout+many curves) and then create a border around that complex line (with the line being the actual shape)? I tried using the Pencil Tool, which created a thick line with many curves and consistent width throughout, but then I can't add a border because the line itself is the border. I even tried using the subtract/divide tools to create an outline of the line and then add a border around that, but that didn't work. What would work is if I could use the circle shape to draw the line (the width of the circle keeping the width of the line consistent). Then I would be able to add the border to that shape. Does anyone know how this could be done?
  7. Hi gdenby, Got it to work! I think the converting to curves and making sure all the rectangles were selected with the node tool so I could then highlight that top row of nodes to narrow the top of the shape was what was needed the most. Thanks a lot!!!
  8. Working in Affinity Designer (Designer Persona), and I'm trying to make a striped trapezoid. The best way to describe it: a perfect square made from 5-7 vertical stripes of the same width, but then narrowing the top of the entire square that the stripes form. I tried placing several vertical rectangles (the stripes) together, but I can't narrow the top of the square that the rectangles form (only each rectangle individually). I also noticed that other layers are visible through the spaces between these rectangles. The visible space between the rectangles is what is really confusing because I even used the magnet tool to keep all the shapes aligned and tried increasing the border around the rectangles that are next to one another, but they are still not perfectly together. Not sure how space between the rectangles is even possible. Can someone here help explain different ways this trapezoid could be done with the shape tools, nodes, etc.? Just want to make sure the stripes/shape is precise.
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