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  1. This is still an issue in 2019. Copies all instead of just the style. Also doesn't copy the style across to the new layer exactly. One layer the shadow has a radius of 29, the paste is 30; offset 18 and then paste 19.5. I want to copy the exactly amount to another layer without the program changing it for me.
  2. Hi team, Although Place Image will allow you to put your new object in the layer order you want, I would request that drag and drop also place objects on top of the selected object in the layer palette (or at least have a setting that allows you to choose to either put it at the top, or put it on top of the selected layer). This functionality exists for New Pixel Layer, but not for layers being dragged in from Windows and dropped into the canvas - the object always lands on the top of the palette and I don't work from the ground up. Thanks.
  3. Thank you Carl123. That does work, indeed. A bit painful compared to just drag and dropping but at least a solution until such a time as drag and drop is supported in the same way. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I've tried multiple ways to google this question so please know I tried to find my own answers! I do digital scrapbooking and want to replace PS with Affinity (PS has become slower and sluggish). So how it works is usually I use a template which has a bunch of squares, circles, etc, that you are suppose to 'cover up' with papers. These are created by graphic designers and sold in 'kits' which include background papers (JPGS) and then PNGs are used for the other elements (flowers, leaves, whatever the kit is about). So I need to be able to clip these JPGs to the objects on the template which isn't the quickest process in Affinity but I find Affinity to be much quicker in terms of rendering and processing. There are some shortfalls, like not having the ability to key-bind "Clip to layer" but I am not experiencing incredible lag when I've got about a hundred smaller layers on my template - so that's a plus in a big way. Anyways, my issue is that I want to drag my layers into the layers palette like I can in photoshop. I select a layer where I want my PNG to sit above and when I drag it onto the canvas, the PNG will be ordered just above the currently selected layer. I realise it's possible to do this when creating a new pixel layer, but I can't find a way to do this when placing a new object onto the canvas via drag n drop. Is this even possible? Thanks, Gidgii

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