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  1. I have the ICC profiles from Epson for the several photo and fine art papers I use, but can't seem to find how to access/import them through Affinity. Using a Mac OS 10.14
  2. okay, found the soft proof menu, but my papers aren't on there
  3. I haven't been able to figure out how to print my images on different papers. I'm accustomed to Adobe's profile menu which I let override the Epson printer settings. I don't see correlating options in Affinity. My print on ultra premium luster looked quite different than the image, even though my monitor's been professionally calibrated. I chose luster in the printer dialogue box, seeing no further refinement choices.
  4. Thank you Joachim and Psenda (late response as I'm in NY). I am a painter, which is my excuse for being so uninformed about basic photoshop skills. I use Affinity primarily for tweaking image files of my work for reproduction. Now, I'm going to see if I'm capable of following both of your well explained directions.
  5. I want to take an image file and place it on a colored background. Prior to Affinity I had Adobe Photoshop but I can't seem to find a correlating tool to do this. Adobe merely ad a "resize canvas" option where one could anchor the image and choose a background while resizing. The resize canvas on Affinity is quite useful but not for my purpose. I am not sure which tutorial to watch.
  6. I feel better now! Born with an inherent distaste for following directions as well as a nagging fear that I'm incapable of doing so anyway, I've been forced to carefully learn what's essential for my line of work. It's as psychologically wresting and tortuous as painting itself can be.
  7. well, I don't know how I did that, but I'm sure you deal with people like me frequently. Yes, the healing brush is working and I expect the painting tools will too. I'm a painter, not a photographer though I do need to use good cameras for reference and creating repro quality files. Lots to to learn. Thank you!!!
  8. heres one with the toolbar apparent when I try for the healing brush
  9. yes, I have them at 100%. Nothng in the touchup or paint is responsive although the right hand panel with light and color adjustment works. Can you see if I screwed something up in this screenshot? ( and thank you!)
  10. thank you for replying! I am not sure what layer should be in use. Maybe I accidentally changed the settings from the ones that had been working for me. the color and light adjustments are working though. since you've been helpful (by the way, I looked at the tutorial and it didn't offer any definitive info in this regard), can you tell me what the layer box should say? in the meantime, I'll experiment.
  11. None of my tools are operative. I have the current Affinity update and the newest OS (10.14) on my Mac
  12. I've tried using the healing brush ( which has worked most of the time before) on Affinityphoto images, NEF raw files, TIFF and jpg. It seems to be operative in that it lets me select the tool, asks for a "click option" but then no changes appear where I drag the cursor.
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