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  1. Thank you @Joachim_L Affinity Publisher looks very intuitive too. The tables option allows you to create one manually. Just the ticket! one excited newbie.......
  2. Thanks v_kyr, I have checked this site out, but would like to make something from scratch. If you have any other ideas on how I could do this, I would appreciate it. AP
  3. Hi stokerg, Thank you for your response. It was a year planner that I was referring to. I'll give your suggestions a try and see how I get on. Meanwhile, if any other ideas pop up, I would be interested too.
  4. Hi there, I would love to know how to design and create a printable wall planner with my own photos for next year. I currently have Affinity Photo in which to do this. Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated. I love teaching clips as a way of learning.. With thanks Artpix