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    I want to replace a Wingdings text character with an Illustrator Vector Graphic (a circle with an arrow in it) so using the Glyph Browser doesn't do the job. In InDesign there is an option to replace a character with the contents of the clipboard. I can import a graphic (in this case the Illustrator Vector illustration) as an inline graphic so it's just like a text character, then copy it to the clipboard and replace all occurrences of a text item with that vector graphic. In a document with hundreds of these instances it makes the job significantly faster.
     If this can't be done at the moment I'll use InDesign until it's available for this job only. Other jobs I'll do in Affinity as I'm impressed with the App. I would really love it if you could put this function on the wish list for future releases. Also being able to place the cursor in the text and press CMD 2 to zoom to that point would be great. Makes editing text really quick.
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    WAZZAJ got a reaction from walt.farrell in Find and Replace text with graphic   
    Thanks Thomas... I'll have a look at that.
    Thanks also Walt, I have posted as per your link. I hope the team includes this function as the FIND/REPLACE feature can be a very powerful tool.

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