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  1. Chiming in as a professional graphic designer who's been seriously craving professional grade, linux native design and photo editing software. At work I use OS X out of necessity, but at home I have Arch Linux running on my iMac. I use an auto-tiling window manager that's entirely keyboard-driven, which exponentially speeds up my workflow. It also uses hardly any resources which means, when I do work from home, it takes less time to start up Virtualbox and Illustrator than it does to start illustrator alone on OS X. Unfortunately this kills my workflow, as well as creating graphic stutter since VB can't make seamless use of my GPU. Luckily Krita is working on non-destructive layer adjustments, so hopefully that'll be a step in the right direction for those of us who like full control over our UX. That said, it's more for digital painting than photo editing and it'd be nice to be able to easily retouch when I need to. I'm certain I'm not the only one in this boat – not only are there most definitely graphic designers who use varying linux distros (it's not that hard to get into now that Ubuntu has been around for 11 years), but so many front-end devs who are used to their lightning-fast workflows in tmux & vim also need to deal with slices and the occasional photo edit. As per the (what I'm assuming are) jokes about app stores and kickstarters, is Affinity not willing to host a deb, rpm, and tar version on their own servers? This is how things have been done for years when software couldn't be hosted in repos. And if you guys start a kickstarter I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results because, like so many in this thread have stated, there is a market. I'm guessing you haven't started one yet because you're actually afraid of its success. After all, if it succeeded you'd be obligated to actually build the thing... (fyi, Krita's already passed its goal with 15 days left) Hope you reconsider.
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