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  1. On a Mac, when I update from 1.8.6 to 1.9 will my additional (i.e., beyond the defaults) Macros, Brushes and Styles automatically transfer over or will I have to reinstall them all?
  2. I have run into this issue as well and my workaround is, as a final step in Affinity, to select all layers and do a 'Merge Visible' before doing the Save. Once I have done that I get a message at the bottom of the intermediate window that says "Editing Complete (16MB change limit exceeded - document will be flattened) - press Save to keep these changes". When I then press Save, the image saves back into Photos without any error. Based on that, it seems to me that if the "Save" in Affinity was automatically a "Save as Flatten" rather than only a flatten depending on file size, then the error me
  3. Neofinder does show thumbnails of .afphoto files. And if you want to add keywords it will create .XMP sidecar files as well. It will not add geolocation info though. See https://www.cdfinder.de/guide/17/neofinder_and_photos.html
  4. Thanks MEB, Skylum seems to talk the talk but is pretty slack on walking it. I'm glad you guys appear to be stepping up.
  5. OK, thanks. Too bad. Has there been any interaction at all with Skylum regarding Luminar 4 as a plugin for Affinity?
  6. I'm not sure if anyone is still having problems with this or not but I recently encountered the same issue but only intermittently. It turns out that, as LiamBates indicated, files exceeding the 16 mb limit do get saved properly and consistently. The message that accompanies the notice that the 16mb limit has been exceeded also indicates that as a result, the document has been flattened. That would suggest to me that images <16mb retain the various layers and that Photos can't handle this situation thus resulting in the 'unexpected error'. Increasing the bit depth to 16-bit does increase fi
  7. Is there any update to this issue of getting Luminar 4 to work as a plugin for Affinity? Has there been any action on the sandboxing issue reported by VodkaHindJelly?
  8. Expanded, this is what it all means 100% Radius in Detail Refinement (DR) in the Develop Persona is the equivalent of 5 pixel Radius in Unsharp Mask (UM) in the Photo Persona 100% Amount in Detail Refinement (DR) in the Develop Persona is the equivalent of Factor of 2 in Unsharp Mask (UM) in the Photo Persona
  9. I've been trying to better understand Pre- vs Output sharpening (as per Nik Collection RAW Presharpener / Output Sharpener) but using Affinity Photo. In the Develop Persona, Detail Refinement has both Radius and Amount as percents (0-100). On the other hand, in the Photo Persona, Radius is in pixels (0-100) and Factor ranges from 0-4. Two questions: 1) since Radius in both is 1-100 can I assume that e.g., 5% in DP is equivalent to 5 pixels in PP, and 2) can I assume that an Amount of e.g., 25% in DP is equivalent to a Factor of 1 (25% of 4) in PP?
  10. Rasterize and Trim works for me running Catalina 10.15.5, Affinity Photo 1.8.4 and latest Topaz AI plugins.
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