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  1. Had this same issue and the solution worked well. I'm hoping it's helpful to the design team to know that the problem still exists -- July 2022
  2. I agree that the hints at the bottom of the page are unnecessary, especially for experienced users. But the page indicators and navigation buttons that come with them, I find invaluable -- especially when I'm working on very large projects -- which is always. I am willing to live with the hints in order to have the page navigation tools. I would like an easier way to bring them back when I accidentally hit the tab key and lose them. In fact, I would like a button that would put everything -- the studios and toolbars -- back the way I had them. It seems like it should be as simple to bring them back as it is to remove them. Maybe tab should toggle this back and forth? Wishing....
  3. I am experiencing this same error. I cannot just create a new file. My project is almost 400 pages long. I'm using Windows 10 Home Version 21H1, OS Build 19043.1110. Affinity Publisher version - just upgraded yesterday. I'm finding that if I save VERY OFTEN it doesn't fail. I can do that, but I would really like to feel the program was more reliable than that. Thank you for any help.
  4. I was able to implement figure numbers using the custom paragraph style, and I think it is actually an elegant solution. However, I really need to be able to insert references to the figures that would also update automatically (such as "see Figure 7.2). Since the "Figure 7.2" is being put into the caption automatically, it seems it would not be that much more to be able to reference the appropriate Figure. It would have to be "pinned" or something like that, of course, so that the reference corresponds to the right Figure... Such a feature would save hours and hours of time for upkeep of a technical manual, where features (and their descriptive figures) are added and changed frequently.
  5. Has there been any movement toward the ability to import CorelDraw files into Affinity Designer? I have been a CorelDraw user since CD3 (yes, I meant three) but switched to Affinity over a year ago. It would be very useful to be able to import any of the CD files, but all of them would be heavenly.
  6. With some trial and error I have discovered that the numbers on the highest level titles (chapter titles, in this case) link properly to the pages they reference. These titles themselves (the words) do not link to anything. All of the subtitles and their numbers sometimes act as links and sometimes don't, but when they do, they all go to one of two pages -- page 12 or page 13, in an 88-page document. Are there any plans to support TOC links for lower-level titles? If so, is there a publishable time frame for this? (Or does it work now, and I'm just missing something?) I like Publisher a lot more than my previous layout program, but I may have to go back because of this issue, and because of publishing capabilities. It would help a lot if we could export to ePub, and even more to KPF. But this TOC issue may be the thing that stops the show. Again, thank you for any information or help.
  7. I am unable to get the Table of Contents to link to the pages of the document at all -- not automatically, not by manually adding hyperlinks that go to anchors that I've created. I am using Affinity Publisher on Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated. That said, I really like Publisher. Over all, it is an elegantly designed program that makes layout a greater joy than ever. Thank you in advance for any suggestions on the TOC.
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