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  1. Thank you for the suggestion! I tried it! Although it did improve the performance while the Pages tab is open, there was still a delay of between 2 and 5 seconds -- 2 for "lesser" edits such as a word or two of text, or even typing a whole caption, but 5 or so for setting wrap on a newly inserted text box or image, or moving an image. It's not such a hardship to just work with the TOC or FND tab open instead. I am only opening the Pages tab when I really need it, and that isn't really that often. I'm pretty sure the wonderful developers at Affinity will eventually get all of the kinks worked out. In the mean time, this is working.
  2. New data! I have found a workaround. Publisher only exhibits this sluggish behavior when the Pages tool is active (visible). I had come to rely on this view for navigation, but when it is active and visible, the whole program gets bogged down - as I reported above, approximately 10 second delays when I make any kind of edit - text, graphics, layout -- anything. But as long as I have some other tool open instead, the program is responsive. To be clear, I can have the Pages tool selected under View -> Studio, so the Pages tab is visible, but some other tab is selected (such as TOC or Fnd). This solves my problem -- but I wonder if there is some way the issue could be corrected, so that I can have the Pages tool active and still be productive...? Not an urgent problem for me at this point, but still a wish-list item! I'm attaching a couple of screen shots to make sure I'm communicating. In this first one, Pages is visible as a tab, and the tab is open (this way the program is very, very sluggish): In the next one, Pages is still visible as a tab, but Table of Contents is active (this way the program is downright snappy - very responsive): Thank you to all who considered/will consider the problem.
  3. That's one of the strange things. I created this document with a different text frame for each chapter, so I would assume that there wouldn't be ten seconds' worth of work to do each time I edit the text or re-position an image or add a caption.... I
  4. I tried turning off the baseline grid, but that didn't change anything. I also tried deleting the guidelines on all 235 pages (which for some reason has to be done on each page individually), as well as disconnecting my external monitor. Neither of these helped, either. I appreciate any help I can get with this!
  5. I am also experiencing VERY SLUGGISH performance on Windows. My document is only 249 pages, part of the text imported from Word. I am also not at liberty to share the document. At this point I have images/graphics in about a third of the document, but need to load a lot more - the project calls for images/graphics on almost every page. I'm concerned that the project will not be finished on deadline because Affinity Publisher is delaying the work. Every time I edit text, drag a graphic, reformat text -- pretty much anything, there is a delay of 2-10 seconds. I never know if a graphic will move when I want it to, and if it does, if it will freeze mid-drag. I'm contemplating moving back into Word. Considering how much more elegant Publisher is, that would just drive me mad. But I may have to do it to make the deadline. I'm using an i5-7200U CPU with 8.00 GB RAM, a 64-bit OS, x64-based processor. Let me know if other details would be useful. If you can fix this in time, I'll be so very grateful!
  6. With some trial and error I have discovered that the numbers on the highest level titles (chapter titles, in this case) link properly to the pages they reference. These titles themselves (the words) do not link to anything. All of the subtitles and their numbers sometimes act as links and sometimes don't, but when they do, they all go to one of two pages -- page 12 or page 13, in an 88-page document. Are there any plans to support TOC links for lower-level titles? If so, is there a publishable time frame for this? (Or does it work now, and I'm just missing something?) I like Publisher a lot more than my previous layout program, but I may have to go back because of this issue, and because of publishing capabilities. It would help a lot if we could export to ePub, and even more to KPF. But this TOC issue may be the thing that stops the show. Again, thank you for any information or help.
  7. I am unable to get the Table of Contents to link to the pages of the document at all -- not automatically, not by manually adding hyperlinks that go to anchors that I've created. I am using Affinity Publisher on Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated. That said, I really like Publisher. Over all, it is an elegantly designed program that makes layout a greater joy than ever. Thank you in advance for any suggestions on the TOC.
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