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    Af Pub crashing when opening file

    That is great news that a fix is in the works! I've been using this program since the early beta stages, and have really appreciated the time you all have put into it. Thank you.
  2. matchbook studio

    Af Pub crashing when opening file

    I moved the original document and all of the linked images from my desktop to my documents folder - a moment of organization. When reopening the file, it doesn't crash the program anymore, but the images are "fuzzy." I'm going to save a copy of the file and update the images so I can keep working towards a deadline.
  3. I have a newly created publisher file that is causing Publisher to crash when opening. I have tried this on two different installs. There are three linked images in the document, I'm not sure if that is causing any of the issue. I'm running 1.7.1