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  1. MaritimeMike

    Affinity Bible 1&2

    Has anyone else purchased these two books from Frank Walters. and having so much difficulty in finding the actual pictures from either or both books, the files to follow along with? Have tried the addresses, on the tutorial pages...one takes me to WritePublish,, has some of the picfiles, but not all, and not any i've found from the Book Two..??? and these are purchased books. Email to his contact achieves nothing.. no indication that it exists by way of acknowledgement or receipt or failed mail deamon...etc.. Its in complete contrast to the Youtube videos 96 from Affinity Revolution from Ezra and his wife, with each youtube video having links to each particular pic/file to follow along with... and Frank is indicating a 3rd Bible....what use if cant get all the follow along files from books 1 & 2. Mike
  2. MaritimeMike

    affinity workbook

    Thanks for the link and yes, i missed that link..my fault...
  3. Hi working my way through the workbook for Windows Desktop affinity photo. Its hit and miss with retrieving suggest download files etc.. I KNOW you just have to type in the suggested file..but ive tried four times now to 'find' ilfracombe.jpg from page 192. Initially there's no indication on previous files you have actually linked and they download until you check your download arrow... but certainly NOT working at this point for the file ilfracombe.jpg Why dont you put all workbook files into one ZIP file..would be a lot easier. frustrating seaching for files to accompany the workbook when you spend valuable time 'searching' instead of learning

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