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  1. i'll try this option and see if there's a substancial difference in the time it takes to process the batch job
  2. I couldn't find any config to set how much of the CPU affinity photo is allowed to use. When i batch process, all the CPU resources are taken by the software making the computer unusable, the only fix i could find was changing the affinity setting for the process, disabling a couple cores so they could be used for other tasks. If i don't do this i can't even move the mouse cursor smoothly from how much CPU affinity photo is hogging. I don't have a suggestion for how to deal with this but i would like to see something less kludgy than ctrl+shift+esc->go to details->set affinity
  3. The software always crashes when the following steps are done in my system. -> Start macro recording -> Switch to develop persona -> Do anything, like changing the exposure -> Click develop I don't know if the software is working as intended but if macro recording isn't allowed in develop persona i would expect a warning. If it is allowed then there's something wrong going on.