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  1. Right it is happening to every one of my projects now so the app has become unusable. Considering I paid for this app I do not consider this level of faultiness acceptable
  2. I HAVE JUST LOST ANOTHER PHOTO EDIT TO THIS ISSUE! can someone please offer a solution, as this is beyond fustratating. I use to love editing photos using affinity photo but now I just dread something going wrong every time I use the application.
  3. That’s good to hear! I have already tried doing that and it doesn’t work I’m afraid.
  4. I have tried holding and dragging it into a folder in the IOS files app but it refuses to move there. I tried the same process with a photo that doesn’t have the error message and that transferred perfectly. How else can i share it with you? Thank you for the quick reply. I installed affinity photo to my iPad Pro about 6 months ago and I was immediately impressed with its performance and features. It seemed to offer editing software as powerful as photoshop but on an iPad and at a much more affordable price. However in the last month the software seems to have developed many bugs. One of which involves the whole app crashing whenever I apply a selective colour adjustment layer. After crashing I reload the app and the photo along with all the editing progress is gone. More recently I am now having this error message as described above which at the moment is preventing me from accessing photos I have spent hours working on. I feel like if this level of unreliability continues I’ll be forced to move to a more reliable editing software like lightroom on Mac. Which will be a shame because affinity photo is truly an amazing application, when it works. Thanks again.
  5. Sure! I have attached a video of the process below. 77A0D127-C20D-41E8-BA65-D306B310D47B.MOV
  6. I’m having the same issue! I just spent hours working on a photo and i can’t re open it or save it. Someone pls help. I’ve attached a video below for a visual aid 3217C05F-8132-4578-B8BB-D2D91F982FD6.MP4
  7. Okay thanks that’s useful as I didn’t know how to create a preset either! Haha but I wouldn’t be able to do that either as my issue is that I can’t ‘load’ the LUTS I create. I tried the method u just suggested above to cut out this step in the process but after applying this created preset to another photo it had no visual effect. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it or if I’m making a mistake. All I’m trying to do is save a LUT which I can then load onto another photo as a preset. However although I can save a photos edited settings as a LUT, once saved I have no way of opening said LUT in another photo. It just appears greyed out like above^. Thanks again for the help.
  8. Sorry but I don’t see these preset option? Screenshot is below:
  9. Thanks for the help! Mmmmm that’s strange. How would I save it as a preset? As I don’t see this option, thanks. I have tried creating several different LUTS in cube format and I have the same issue with all of them. Thanks again.
  10. I exported a LUT from a photo I edited on affinity photo iPad. I am now trying to import that LUT into a new image but it is greyed out and won’t let me add it. Any help is much appreciated.
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