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  1. Thanks everyone, for some reason today I can't replicate the problem. I'll file something here if I can replicate the recipe.
  2. @R C-R Yep, it was already set to one. Any other ideas? Thanks.
  3. Not sure that's the problem. Here's my snap settings: and pixel selection:
  4. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but when I select a single row of pixels on a pixel layer, it won't allow me to fill with a color-- but rather a alpha aliased version of the color. My settings are: So AA is OFF.
  5. Thanks. Much appreciated!
  6. I thought there was a way to do this, but now I can't find it. Anyone help? Thanks :-)
  7. chippwalters

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.2

    I downloaded and installed and got "setup failed." Now Photo doesn't work at all. ??? Update: I updated my Win 10 with the latest version, restarted Windows and it then installed. Not sure if it was the Win update that helped or just restarting.
  8. The issue is that Blender is not a solids modeler-- IOW, it does not automatically create manifold objects. Blender, as a polygon based surface modeler, can be difficult at times to create a perfect solid model. And as you know, 3D printing can only use solid models. For me it's just faster to build hard surface 3D printables in Moi3D. If you're creating characters or other non geometric models, a voxel modeler like 3D Coat would work well.
  9. Thanks Alfred. Much appreciated :-) I guess this request should be retitled to say, "Place 'From Clipboard' into New Document Dialog in the Type dropdown.
  10. I use this feature all the time in Pshop and wish it was in Photo. Please consider adding it.
  11. So I guess there is not compliment to just CTRL + ALT dragging to copy a selection to the same layer.
  12. Yes, Zach is a wonderful guy. I'm part of the judging panel for his competitions. Glad to hear the course is doing well. MoI3D is still as interesting as ever, but I've quit using it in favor of Blender 2.8 *unless* I'm creating a CAD model for 3D printing. Good luck!
  13. Yes, but that uses a new layer. I'm trying to do all this on one layer-- and quickly. Prefer not to have to merge layers. Hi Phil! KIT OPS is going great. Just released a new update for Blender 2.8. :-) Working hard to learn Photo as I really want to do away with Adobe. Created my first Photo video tute: https://youtu.be/v6aZL9ihod8
  14. Hey all. I have a question regarding something I've done in Pshop for years, but can't quite figure out how to do in Photo. In Pshop, I can make a marquee selection on a pixel layer, then press CTRL + ALT and drag the selection to make a copy of it and place it somewhere on the same layer. Is this possible in Photo?
  15. Thanks everyone for commenting. Much appreciated. Trying to do the Pshop to Photo switch and it's working well so far!