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    Rotate Guides

    For me it isn't about snapping. It's about placing my pen tool where I need it for my Mandala (or any design I create using Illustrator). No I can't use the method for drawing a Mandala I've seen in videos. If you go to my thread asking for help with guides and look at the 3 examples of Mandalas I drew in Illustrator you might understand why that method won't work. It's fun for about a minute and then I want to trace one of my Mandala png files. I draw 5-9 slice Mandalas and have set up a template with all the guide rotations on different layers and I just delete the ones I don't need and my color books are there, too. Can''t import a template file. Oh well, can't have everything. I don't like Corel Draw much. They have a place to input rotation, even for dynamic guides. And I downloaded Gravit (don't like the way they do layers at all) but you can create a guide, put it on a layer, select the guide, input where you want it and with the rotation you want. And InkScape is more then I want to fool with. Using a path as a guide (even if it's on a locked layer) will light up as the pen rolls over it. Very intrusive. Not a work around. Hopefully my example will show what I mean. My Mandalas are all tileable. Most of my designs are tilable. It's just what makes me happy.
  2. Downloaded some tutorials and was reminded of the guide panel. Saw it in another video. Any who.... so basically I should go eat worms and die! Sometimes you fall in love and it just doesn't work out. Think that's where we are at. There just isn't anyway to select a guide nor rotate it. And there won't be a way to put guides on a layer since there is already a panel for guides. Which would be fine if you could rotate them or turn a path you've already rotated into a guide and add it to the panel. I use circles and turn them into guides as well with Illustrator. Can make any path a guide. All the amazing things this program can do and the 1 seemingly simple thing I absolutely have to have it be able to do is impossible. Can't believe no one else that designs art hasn't found this a problem and requested a solution. Corel Draw has a guides panel and you can input degrees for the guides (and dynamic guides, too), so I know it's possible. I just don't like using it at all. And I find InkScape a challenge I'm not willing to tackle. Don't expect you to make a change in your software for me. I have seen other posts about rotating guides and using the guide panel. I'm not alone. Maybe you'll change it in a future release. Until then maybe I can find my old copy of Illustrator 10 with all the plugins I had for it.
  3. Think I've boiled down the problem. Rewatched one of the videos on youtube for drawing a Mandala. I need to have guides on a layer that I can select and use the transform panel to input their degree of rotation, length and position. Seems pretty straight forward. But, the Mandala is drawn with the pen tool making a path and the symbols, yada yada. In Illustrator I changed my guides (for 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 sliced Mandalas) into paths and opened that doc and saved it in AD. I just hate trying to draw a design with those paths as my guides. As I roll over them with my pen tool (selecting my spot to start my new vector path) they light up and drive me crazy. Very intrusive. They need to be guides. I can't figure out how to create my guide layer and have my guides on it to transform them. I need something other than just a 15 degree rotation for a 5 or 7 sliced Mandala. I have to be able to input where I want a guide. I just did it in Gravit and I've never used it before. Tell me what I'm missing! Please!
  4. I have a png file with the design on it. It's my guide. I don't stick to the png faithfully. It's a fun process and many changes happen along the way. I have to have guides to place my pen by. I have to see the design behind the guides. There are many layers with the various sections of the Mandala on them. I'm very organized and name everything. I use place holder colors while I'm working and then go through the layers and color and export them to PS and finish up. While designing a Mandala with the template is fun for a hot minute, I don't see how I could ever design one I've provided using your method. Maybe I'm missing something? The guides disappear when I click on the layer I'm supposed to draw on and I'm not sure where I'd put my image in the layer order. Couldn't find a place where I could see it and the guides disappeared anyway. I'm not trying to be difficult. I really do want to make the switch. Doesn't look good though.
  5. I started designing Mandalas in Illustrator recently. Always loved them, but I design tileable images and I finally figured out (for me) the best way to make them tileable. I set up a template with guides for 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (don't know the proper term) pie slices for the Mandalas along with my own favorite color pallet. I was disappointed that this couldn't be transferred to AD. But I figured I'd just recreate it. Well that's not going so well. I've been watching videos and haven't seen anybody try to create guides for a round design. I don't like the Symmetry option. I use vectors not pixels. I just can't use the Symmetry option for a Celtic or Tibetan or any Mandala that I want to design. Symmetry in vectors might be nice. Not sure that would help me that much, but I'd love to give it a try. I've provided a few examples of my tileable Mandalas. I've got to have guides! I also use circles that I turn into guides to help with alignment. The first thing I've always done when creating a tileable design was set up a guide layer. The template I've set up in Illustrator has all of them and I just delete the ones I don't need. So, can I turn strokes into guides? Can't find a setting for it. i'm using the guides I created in Illustrator by releasing them and giving them a stroke. So now they are a pain as strokes in AD. Really not happy with that as my solution. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I love AD! Really enjoyed all the videos I've watched. It's fast and sleek and I'm ready to switch if someone has a solution for me.

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