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    Vegard reacted to Joachim_L in Preflight fail on missing fonts   
    Maybe you set the option for checking in embedded documents 
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    Vegard reacted to kaffeeundsalz in How to export as vector image?   
    Something is wrong here, @Vegard. If you download an icon from the web and it's really a vector image, it's also editable. If it's not, it's not a vector file. This is by design as has been previously pointed out by others in this thread. Especially when you have a complex design as you mention, I would expect it to consist of multiple layers, which are also each individually editable. I use vector assets from online platforms, too, from time to time, and I haven't seen a single vector file where this was not the case. Do you have an example file that you could post here so we can have a look at what's going on?
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    Vegard reacted to thomaso in How to export as vector image?   
    I read your "messy" as "too many layers and single items" of one image.
    I might miss your point yet but at the moment your goal to keep vectors AND to have 1 layer only (to avoid "mess") sounds not available and technically contradictory.
    Imagine that every single vector item can have more than one layer by itself which defines its properties, for instance a shape and its stroke / or a shape and its transparency or color gradient / or a shape and its clipping mask, not to mention adjustments, effects and filters.
    You can reduce the number of items and layers by combining objects to reduce overlapping, so-to-say doubled and redundant, parts with the five Geometry functions (toolbar) but you can't do it with all content without loss. That means reducing the "mess" necessarily also means to reduce vector properties and their flexibility. The most less "messy", because most flattened result, would be the rasterised image.
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    Vegard reacted to walt.farrell in Table of content order from layer not correct   
    Thanks for the file.
    The entries are appearing in the order I would expect.
    As I see it: you have two pages, page 1 and page 2 (physical pages 4,5) on the 2-page spread. You have text boxes laid out as below (with | representing the border between page 1 and page 2), to which I will give simple numbers to represent the logical order I think you see them in:
    1 2 (starting on page 1 and spanning onto page 2) 3 (starting on page 1 and spanning onto page 2) 4 (starting on page 1 and spanning onto page 2) 5 6 7 | 8 9 10 11 | 12 I think that you see the 2-page spread as reading left-to-right across the spread, and then top to bottom, so you think the TOC should be in order from 1 to 12. But TOC entries follow the physical  page order, so your TOC has entries for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 (all on page 1) followed by 8, 9, 10, 12 (all on page 2).
    I don't think there's anything simple that you can to do to get the order you expected.
    Sorry. (I'll delete my copy of your file.)
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    Vegard reacted to Old Bruce in Table of contents - how to sort the order of it.   
    When you have a bunch of items on one page (3) they are ordered by the Layer order. Move them around (up and down in the Layers Panel/Studio) and regenerate the ToC.
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