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    Manu R got a reaction from Ision Industries in Way to scale rounded corners proportionally?   
    Not bad. But unfortunately, it doesn't work if your artwork contains corners with different radii. Typing 50% in the input field will set all corners to the same radius which is not what it should be doing IMO.
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    Manu R got a reaction from Aammppaa in Way to scale rounded corners proportionally?   
    Is there a way to scale corners proportionally without having to convert to curves? And why'll I'm at it, how about line thickness? Can that be scaled proportionally without expanding the stroke?
    Sorry if this has been answered before, it seems such an obvious thing to ask for but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
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    Manu R got a reaction from Waltervob in No pressure sensitivity in Designer   
    There doesn't seem to be any pressure sensitivity in Designer. Brushes respond to pressure in Photo, but not Designer.
    macOS 10.12.4
    Wacom Intuos Pro, latest driver installed 6.3.21-8
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    Manu R got a reaction from Alfred in Way to scale rounded corners proportionally?   
    I would call it more logical.  :)
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    Manu R reacted to MEB in Designer doesn't output transparency in PNG?   
    Hi Manu R,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    This changed in version 1.5. You have to tick Transparent background (colour section) in the Document Setup dialog to export a transparent PNG as @mvg pointed out.
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    Manu R got a reaction from matt in Can't always deselect shape with Node Tool   
    When clicking in empty space with the node tool, it deselects the current shape. But when you drag in an empty space, it doesn't deselect. This seems to be inconsistent to me.
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