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  1. I can't even get to the stage of entering the product key before the programs crash over all three applications,
  2. Hi All, I have the Affinity Suite of programs on a Win 10 platform. I attempted to download the recent upgrades and all programs seem to load. However, when I try to load the added extras the program refuses to let me register ans after a long delay of watching the spiral the program crashes. I have tried this on all three programs with the same result. Can someone please, before I have a nervous breakdown, explain what i am doing wrong. I am registered as I can access this forum under my user name, but I can't convince the program that I am a registered owner of the programs.
  3. I also have lost all my assets across the three platforms. I am using win 10 and while I can download the 1.9 update I can't download or register the programs. Each program crashes when I try to register or sign in. Yet my account details are correct.
  4. Hi Petar, the movement of my mouse feels sluggish and not smooth resulting in jerky action when making or modifying a selection / shape. This could be due to age as the mouse is approx 4 years old. When you watch Affinity instructional videos on YouTube, the movement of the cursor seems more precise. Thanks for your response.
  5. Hi, although I have a graphic tablet a lot of the basic actions are arguably better executed with a mouse. Using the pen and node tool in designer is a bit fiddly with my graphic stencil. Coulld anyone recommend a mouse that can give me the required precision. At present I am using a bog standard logitec wireless mouse, but would like more control. Thanks.
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