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  1. Adding further to this - table formats seem broken too. Previously I was able to select the entire empty table immediately after creating it and change fonts/formatting and text size, but now it only works on filled-in cells.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion - I did find a "workaround" thanks to you - but not because of baseline grid. The vertical alignment dropdown on the toolbar is not working, however when I opened the Studio Table, I am able to select vertical alignment in there and it's working. Selecting any alignment in the toolbar dropdown does nothing. Thanks again!
  3. I'm unable to get any table to align its contents to the middle (or bottom, or anything other than the top) of cells. Latest version of Publisher. Is this a known bug? Thanks.
  4. I work with transparent backgrounds a lot, but I am unable to find a way to change the darkness of the transparency background pattern. This makes it very difficult to work with white text and logos. Is this a feature that is coming soon? Thank you!
  5. The only way I got this to work was by copying the table data into TextEdit as Plain Text, then copy and paste from there. This method worked correctly for me.
  6. Sorry for bringing up an old topic - but this is frustrating me no end. I have a big spreadsheet that I am trying to transfer into a table in Designer/Publisher. Copying and pasting the table data results in all the fields being placed into the one cell. Nothing seems to work!
  7. This is the one feature that is missing for me that would allow me to ditch Adobe completely. Currently it's time consuming to have to design my form in Designer, save as PDF, then create the form in Acrobat. Not to mention that if one of the team wants something on the form adjusted, I have to go through the whole process in Acrobat again. Please add fillable elements in Publisher or Designer soon!
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