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  1. To get you up to speed on my current situation. I have checked to be sure that my IOS is up to date. I’ve also checked and made sure that the Affinity Designer app is up to date. I have made 3 screen recordings. The first shows the long wait to open a file. The second shows the lagging after the file has finally opened to type some simple text. The third shows the crashing when opening a different file. Sometimes I’m able to zoom in or out on the file before it crashes sometimes not, like in the video it just crashes. All in All, it’s frustrating to use. Like I said earlier, it used to work great & I loved using the program, but since the IOS update it’s frustrating and takes a ridiculous amount of time to do simple tasks. Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response. Stacey 800EEA9F-2AB9-46C4-A066-4BD19E5A8674.MOV 3A36F8FF-BBAB-490F-B021-A5CEC6B48941.MOV 6629B86D-0957-4102-B52D-C17DCAF41B22.MOV
  2. I got excited with the update a few weeks ago, but because of family visiting I haven’t had much time to test things out. Today I have tried & as soon as I open a file to work on it crashes. Ive started & restarted, made sure all other apps have been shut down, but nothing seems to help. So it’s still slow, and now crashes every time I try to to do anything. So here are my steps: 1. Open Affinity Designer on the iPad vs 1.7.2 2. choose a file to open (it’s not a large file) it takes it almost a minute to load. 3. I zoom in to look at a page, or try to select a layer, anything..... I wait & then nothing happens & then it crashes. Not bothering with a screen recording, there isn’t much to see. It just doesn’t work. Kinda bummed, Stacey
  3. Small update. Thanks to my husband I have recovered the lost deleted files! BUT, The app is still SUPER SLOW & Frustrating. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. If someone could give an estimate when that might happen it might help. My questions are still the same, I’m just a little less stressed since we were able to recover the deleted files. Thank you! Stacey AKA The frustrated lady waiting on the app to work.
  4. I was doing great work with the app until my iPad updated to the new iOS. Now, I click a file to start working on & wait for awhile while it loads, then sometimes, not all the time, but often click to change something & wait & wait & wait. Then I check to see if i can find out what’s going on. Everything looks up to date & seems to be saving to my iCloud, then i see a suggestion to delete the app & reload it, i should not have listened to that. I do want to point out that I checked my iCloud file & everything appeared to be there, but i should have checked closer, because it appears now that since April (It is now nearly August) it has NOT be saving to my iCloud. Sadly I did not understand this until after I Deleted the App & re-installed it (Yes, I realize this is my fault, I should have checked closer, trust me the lesson has been learned!) So now about 4 months of work is gone. After a small meltdown regrouping session, I decide to suck it up & start re-doing my work, but what happens, OH YEAH IT STILL MOVES SLOW AS MOLASSES!!!! This is as you might imagine very frustrating & makes me want to not even try to use the app & use something else like Sketch or whatever. I guess my questions are: 1. What am I missing? I fully realize I just might be missing something obvious, just please help me, point me in the right direction. 2. Is this something I need to wait for you guys to figure out & fix? Can you give me any idea of when the fix might come? 3. Why in the world would it stop default saving to the iCloud when I never changed that option & when i would periodically check it always said it was default saving to the iCloud? Here is the rundown of what I’m working with: iPad Pro : iOS 12.4 Affinity Designer v Sincerly, Stacey AKA The frustrated but trying to suck it up & can’t get the app to work lady
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