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    Small update. Thanks to my husband I have recovered the lost deleted files! BUT, The app is still SUPER SLOW & Frustrating. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. If someone could give an estimate when that might happen it might help. My questions are still the same, I’m just a little less stressed since we were able to recover the deleted files. Thank you! Stacey AKA The frustrated lady waiting on the app to work.
  2. I was doing great work with the app until my iPad updated to the new iOS. Now, I click a file to start working on & wait for awhile while it loads, then sometimes, not all the time, but often click to change something & wait & wait & wait. Then I check to see if i can find out what’s going on. Everything looks up to date & seems to be saving to my iCloud, then i see a suggestion to delete the app & reload it, i should not have listened to that. I do want to point out that I checked my iCloud file & everything appeared to be there, but i should have checked closer, because it appears now that since April (It is now nearly August) it has NOT be saving to my iCloud. Sadly I did not understand this until after I Deleted the App & re-installed it (Yes, I realize this is my fault, I should have checked closer, trust me the lesson has been learned!) So now about 4 months of work is gone. After a small meltdown regrouping session, I decide to suck it up & start re-doing my work, but what happens, OH YEAH IT STILL MOVES SLOW AS MOLASSES!!!! This is as you might imagine very frustrating & makes me want to not even try to use the app & use something else like Sketch or whatever. I guess my questions are: 1. What am I missing? I fully realize I just might be missing something obvious, just please help me, point me in the right direction. 2. Is this something I need to wait for you guys to figure out & fix? Can you give me any idea of when the fix might come? 3. Why in the world would it stop default saving to the iCloud when I never changed that option & when i would periodically check it always said it was default saving to the iCloud? Here is the rundown of what I’m working with: iPad Pro : iOS 12.4 Affinity Designer v Sincerly, Stacey AKA The frustrated but trying to suck it up & can’t get the app to work lady