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  1. YES! I know it's a really weird question and application, I just like figuring out tricks like this, never know what might come in handy.
  2. Using a Levels adjustment would allow greater control over white point, black point, and gamma, as well as being able to do it on a more visual level than just using the opacity slider or Blend If options.
  3. I setup exactly as that screenshot but the result is not what I'm wanting. I want the HSL to effect the subject layer, as allowed by the mask, and I want the Levels adjustment to only affect the mask so that I can control how much of the HSL actually comes through. Any other ideas? Thanks for trying.
  4. Using Affinity Photo desktop on Windows. I'm trying to wrap my head around using nested adjustments, particularly with masks. I understand that currently there needs to be a slight workaround to get adjustments to nest -- the "inner" adjustment needs to be made a child, before the "outer" adjustment gets placed as a child. I'm still not really getting the results I want though. Yes I know reading this is really confusing, unless you already sort of know what I'm talking about. I'm including a sample image, as well as attaching an image. Lets say I want to add an HSL adjustment to my main image. This is my "outer" adjustment. I want to add a mask to that HSL adjustment, so I do that. I also want to add a Levels adjustment to the mask, so that I can control some of the brightness / darkness of the mask without necessarily having to remake the mask. This is my "inner" adjustment. I've figure out that the order of operations is that you need to add the Levels adjustment as a child to a mask, and then apply the mask to the HSL layer. What is not working for me is that even though I can get them nested, I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly, as the Levels layer doesn't seem to actually be doing anything to my Mask. deer nesting demo.afphoto Edit: I just realized I was in the wrong forum if a mod could please move this to support, sorry!
  5. Thank you for the help, I wasn't even aware that there was a Mk II and that I had it.
  6. Sorry, forgot to mention I am on Windows. I downloaded and tried the Beta you linked but had no success. Attached is a sample P1000329.RW2
  7. I'm trying to get Lens Correction profiles to load, but I seem to be stuck. I've followed the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahBF2_On_rA I am using a Panasonix G85 and the pictures I'm currently trying with are with a Panasonic 45-200 F4-5.6 OIS. Both of these seem to be supported. I've downloaded the latest LensFun database, copied the mil-panasonic.xml into the Lens Database folder, closed down and opened up again, but the profile never shows up.
  8. Just thought I would drop in and contribute some. Arctic - Beautiful Slab Serif font, somewhat similar to Rockwell. I wish there was an actual license document, but every website you find this on states that it is free for personal and commercial use, and I've not seen anything saying it is not available for commercial use. Gidole - Open Source modern Din font. Optician Sans - Their website seems to be defunct, but their Github is still up and has all the files, including the license. Public Sans - Did you know the US Government made a font? And it's actually really, really good?
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