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  1. So, the new stable just came out and I haven't done a backup of all my assets yet. Beta won't open anymore and I can't backup my assets (I was advised to recreate my work in the beta release since a bug in the last stable version corrupted my progress). Because I bought Publisher on the Mac App Store, I also can't use the »fast method« to copy my user data. How do I get my assets back? Why does the beta have to be disabled right after the stable release? This is not good! EDIT: Did the fast method with a trial version and copied the assets over. But this needs to be thought through a little more.
  2. I‘d also like to be able to enlarge the preview images of assets, just like you can adjust icon size in Finder.
  3. Thank you. Is there any way to fix my file? It is unusable in both stable and beta AP.
  4. Also as a side note, in the newest beta, setting all text-styles from the document attached in my first post as standard and then using assets containing these text-styles will crash the app when saving. Setting these text-styles as standard and trying to open a different document using the same text-styles will crash the Publisher beta on launch. Clearing user text-styles fixes both issues. Obviously there must be a connection between the issues in the stable and in the beta. It's either my document, or something about text-styles is broken in both the stable and the beta release. Attached a crash-report for the beta as well. Hope this helps fixing these bugs. Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-07-26-105137_Raphaels-iMac.crash
  5. Of course Crash-log 3704 refers to a crash happening when saving after using the assets attached in my post above in the document attached above, crash-log 4258 refers to the crash occurring when saving after editing text-styles Affinity Publisher_2019-07-26-103704_Raphaels-iMac.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-07-26-104258_Raphaels-iMac.crash
  6. Hello everybody, I rave read through the beta and bugs forums here and noticed that this is a common bug. I am aware that the newest beta (.422) is supposed to fix this issue, but I hope someone can help me salvage my file. First of all I value this program a lot and I think it's a bargain. I have been working on a document/template for a few weeks now and recently encountered the problem that editing certain text styles, as well as inserting assets using these text styles will make Publisher crash when then trying to save the document. Publisher will also crash immediately when trying to export text styles from this document. It happened for the first time yesterday, but using an older backup of this document will trigger the same issue. I suspect the file is corrupted and I cannot pin down since when or why. I have the «show samples» option turned off and I'm only using the internal GPU of my iMac, but the bug will occur when using the dedicated GPU as well. Changing hardware acceleration from OpenGL to Metal also is no use. I also changed the directory of images used in the document, but they're embedded anyways. When editing the document in the newest beta, the bug is not present at first, but will return. I suspect it comes down to importing the corrupted assets or using my corrupted file. I hope someone is able to check on the integrity of my file and advise on what to do. I really, really don't want to start building these text styles and assets from scratch. I have attached my assets and the file I'm working on. Thank you in advance and best regards R.W. assets-old.afassets Publisher – Vorlage Politik–GL (Backup 23-07-19).afpub