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  1. I just wanted to bump this. It seems to me this should be high on the list of priority feature (for both AP and AD). Importing swatches is really critical for a lot of us.
  2. Hello, As anyone who works with real paint knows, brushes are rarely clean and colours are rarely uncontaminated by other colours. I was wondering whether Affinity had anything in the pipeline that would replicate this? For instance, if I was using an acrylic brush and painted some white, then switched to orange, the first couple of strokes might have little bits of white in them. Perhaps there might be an option (like the paint mixer tool) to clean the brush between strokes. Thoughts? In my mind this would be really nice and complement the paint mixer tool really nicely!
  3. I have a question regarding brush strokes. Is there any way to get AP on the iPad to ignore the fact a user has re-clicked, and continue a brush stroke as if the mouse (or pencil) had never been reclicked? For instance, many overlapping brush stokes will obviously become darker. But some times it would be useful for this not to happen. I know this affect can be achieved by simply blending the two strokes together, but I wonder if there is a way to avoid this step (blending removes the texture).