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  1. Interesting. Thank you. I turned the visibility of those layers off and it made a huge difference. However, even just zooming in and out with those layers visible spikes CPU usage. I haven't tried programming in years and have no clue how things work under the hood but the Renderer is set to my nVidia GFX 1080 and it's getting less than 10% usage during these CPU spikes. If I set the Renderer to WARP, then the GPU takes some of the load but it's still pretty choppy and slow to work in.
  2. I've been playing around watching YouTube videos trying to get a better feel for Photo. So far I'm glad I made the purchase and won't look back to the old alternatives. However, today I noticed something odd when working on a photo. This was saved in the native .afphoto format and had several adjustment layers to it. Working in the native format was super slow on applying the inPainting brush or just about anything. Exporting the file to PNG and working on the image as a single PNG image was quick and fluid again. Task Manager shows 97.7% CPU usage when working in the native format with the adjustment layers and using the inPainting brush. Same photo being worked on as a PNG shows 31.7% CPU usage. Not really sure this is a bug but it is an issue. If we are to work in the native format, it should be as smooth as any other program using it's own native format. Am I missing some setting here or is super slow response and high CPU usage in the .afphoto format actually a normal thing ? Windows 10 Pro x64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz Installed Memory (RAM) 64.0GB nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Not exactly new hardware but not junk either.
  3. I was wondering something similar. Purchased all three applications today for Windows Desktop and may at some point get an MS Surface. Will that device need another license for each application or can my Windows purchases be used on two Windows machines ? Can't really find anything in the License file included.
  4. Very new to Photo, actually purchased today after rewatching some YouTube videos from JCristina and making up my mind. I learned how to create new Categories of brushes and rename them just by playing around a bit. However, it doesn't seem like you can move a Category into another Category. Say there are 12 different brushes I'd like to import that all deal with Patterns. Each brush gets put into its own category vs me being able to group them into one group called Patterns and keeping the Brushes dropdown a bit cleaner. Is there some way bring brushes into a single group of my choosing vs each one getting its own group ?