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  1. Additional information on windows. The BSOD only happens when saving to a OneDrive folder. Now is anyone going to tell me why the macOS version goes non-responsive after 10-20 minutes?
  2. But we are addressing that this thing is only pulling up a generic save dialog box, which is a standard API call. If the windows save dialog was corrupt, I wouldn't be able to save with any app. You're also ignoring the entire macOS issue as well. It isn't useless one only one platform, but two.
  3. Reading a post doesn't change the fact that its going straight to a BSOD on save. Try being helpful please.
  4. I get the BSOD on save even with a new blank document. Don't forget the locking up on the Mac version.
  5. With the ever-crashing headway I made on the Mac Pro, the nearly finished file looks like this. MSH Character Sheet.afpub
  6. If I'm reading that horribly low resolution BSOD, there is a system service exception in ddflt.sys. I can't provide a file that can't be saved, but here is a screen shot. The section with four columns is a table.
  7. I've been trying to recreate my character sheet for the Marvel Super Heroes RPG using publisher. On Windows 10, it causes a BSOD on save. On my Mac Pro (mid-2010) running macOS Mojave, it will cause a beachball of death after about ten to twenty minutes of use. At which point I have to power off the system and continue on the next boot. Rinse and repeat until finished. This is totally unacceptable for a pro product.
  8. I would love to see a vector fill pattern for table cells in Publisher, much like Excel has.
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