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  1. It's Christmas coming up: I wish for a keyboard shortcut for next tab. Thank you very much.
  2. I don't know Nova yet. Actually, I am happy with Coda.
  3. Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab really changes the tabs. Surprise. But more important for me is that I could use a trackpad gesture for the tab change. This hasn't worked in any affinity program yet. Yes.
  4. /Users/Jeanette/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Data/Library/Application Support/autosave
  5. Palatino

    color reversal

  6. Palatino

    color reversal

    Many roads lead to Rome.
  7. Affinity should respond to other people's mistakes?
  8. If possible, always in the original size. But sometimes I also deviate from it: I always draw my hall plans for trade fairs 1:100. If the poster contains a lot of font, it is easier to select font sizes (12-120 pt) from the menu than to enter large values. 1000 pt is unwieldy. In large dimensions, some effects that are calculated in pixels also fail.
  9. I couldn't understand your problem at first. Then I noticed that it is only a problem when using medieval mice. Everything is great with a trackpad. Please no restrictions.
  10. /Users/color-fan-tastic/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/
  11. I agree. The yellow tones of the HKS pallet do not seem to be correct. HKS 2 as well as HKS 3 are cool yellow.
  12. Selection when opening the designer file:
  13. That's what I had in mind. Adobe won't be interested in supporting the escape of its customers.
  14. Because I have only a few old InDesign files, I don't care about the import function. Just out of curiosity: Does Affinity need Adobe approval or even their cooperation for the function, or is the interface "public"?
  15. Palatino

    50 Shades of K

    Genau so.

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