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  1. Hi @Paul Mudditt, Thanks for the direction, I will play around with brushes and effects.
  2. Hi @Paul Mudditt and @DM1 Thanks for the hints. This is really helpful. I was also thinking if we can create that ridge surface effect without using an image? For example bursh/combination bursh suggestions? Thanks a lot for the help. Stay safe!
  3. Hi all, I am using affinity designer nowadays a lot for scientific illustrations. Usually, I figure out how to do it in affinity if I see an illustration but I am unable to figure out how to do the following. Basically creating a rough surface on a shape as the attached image. I tried playing with 'noise', but it's not giving the same effect. Any help on breaking down the process is really appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Hi @Sean P, yes, I also see the missing font replaced by 'Arial'. So the software is treating circles as characters? From my previous experience with affinity designer, where I did not have circles in figure, everything was perfect (even if I tick or do not tick 'replace missing fonts with Arial'). But according to @MickRose, even if I have `ZapfDingbats`, it seems to change the circle size. However, if I understand your response properly, there is no solution/fix for my problem, or did I miss anything? Thank you.
  5. Hi @Sean P, I am not allowed to share the exact PDF (it includes sensitive patient data). However, I generated a similar figure which is also behaving same in affinity designer. Here I attached it. Please check it. Thank you. test.pdf
  6. Hi, I am using affinity designer 1.7.1 in macOS. When I import a PDF for a little bit of editing, it is changing the size of the dots. Not sure what's happening. Here is how the original file looks and here is how it modified in affinity designer In the original figure, size of the circle represents a value, but if it automatically changed while editing, this will give us wrong results. Also, the circles are slightly moving from the center in designer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hi Hangman, aw, this seems to be the problem. The new doc was created with 300dpi. I can see matching line weights when I create new doc with 72 dpi. Is there any default way to open a new doc with matching parameters from already opened document? That way most of these things will be matching between 2 documents such as color schemes, dpi. Thanks a lot for the quick response.
  8. Once pasted into your new document, have you applied any scaling to the graphics or are you seeing a difference in line weight simply once pasted. I see difference in line weight once I pasted into new document. Line weights are reduced, not sure why. Here I'm attaching two documents. `afd_lineweight_sample_01.pdf` is the original document where we see line weight of 1.1pt in within the boxplot. `afd_lineweight_sample_01.pdf` is the document with contents copy-pasted from above document, where line weights are changed to 0.3pt within the boxplot. In the screenshot you attached, there is no tick mar for `Scale with object` in my case but still there are changes in line weights. Thanks a lot for your time. Much appreciated. afd_lineweight_sample_01.pdf afd_lineweight_sample_02.pdf
  9. Hi Hangman, There is no problem with the sample PDF I uploaded. The png files I attached in the main question are the screenshots of the same figure from 2 documents. Bottom one is copied from the original one (upper one). Yes, I actually see the differences in line weights when I copy contents. Just wondering if I'm missing any details here too.
  10. Hi Hangman, while we are here, may I ask one more question, in the original question, the line widths were also changed when I copy the contents from one document to the other. Is there something I'm missing that results in this behaviour? Is there some option to be conscious about while copying? Thanks a lot.
  11. woaahhh, thanks a lot Hangman. That seems to be the problem. After changing the `color` space in document setup I can match all the colors to original document. Thanks a lot for your time and quickly identifying the problem. Awesome and have a nice day!
  12. Hi, I attached the one example pdf. It's not only one pdf but is the case with all pdfs in my case. I had to make some changes to the pdf as it contains sensitive data. Here is what you can do to reproduce the problem - open the pdf with `open` option - ctrl/cmd + a to select all contents - open a new A4 page with cmd + n - paste the contents There are changes in colors in the new documents compared to original ones. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. afdesign_sample.pdf
  13. Hi, I'm using affinity designer (v1.7.1) on MAC OS. When I import some PDFs for slight editing, the colors on the pdf are modified even though the color code I'm using is exactly same. E.g. These are the colors in actual PDF I have Here is how affinity is changing the colors This is giving me a lot of headaches. In both cases the color codes I'm using are same. I suspect this might be a bug? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm under time pressure to finish some tasks. Thank you.
  14. Hi, thanks for the reply. While this may be working in part but I already have re-sized figures, all I want to do is.. - Select new A4 sheet - place different PDFs at position with `place` - select all text elements in the page - resize them or color them but all at once. Is it even possible with affinity designer? If you know any link that explains this, would you please direct me to it? Thank you very much.
  15. Hi, I am pretty new to affinity designer. It's an amazing tool. I am researcher working with scientific publishing. I prepared an A4 size with multiple figure panels in it. However, some figures show large text labels and some show smaller text labels. Is there a way to select and make all text labels same size at once? This would be really helpful. I edited individual figure labels, but when I came back to A4 sheet, they are not looking in the same size. Also, is there a tutorial dedicated to scientific figure editing/formating using affinity designer? Thank you very much for the help.
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