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  1. dedolightamericas

    Batch files renameing

    that feature does not let you choose a couple of characters and move them to the start of the file name, or I am rung.?
  2. dedolightamericas

    Batch files renameing

    You are a life saver, the free trial only allows to rename 10 files at a time... since I hope this is only one task to perform, I will stick to the free trial... THANKS!
  3. dedolightamericas

    Batch files renameing

    All these commands are withing Automator interface or should I need to write a script for that?
  4. dedolightamericas

    Batch files renameing

    OSX, dear V-KYR I have looked into Automator, but I can only find a way to rename the whole file name, I was looking into something to respect a part to the file name while change the thing need to change.
  5. I have more than 800 photos from products for a catalog. The WEB programer! ask me to index the pics from product and 1 - 2 - 3 for different angles of each product. example... I have DSC-1-1 DSC-1-2 DSC-1-3 Now the little fairy wants my images with the index in the front. 1- DSC-1 2- DSC-1 3- DSC-1 I have more than 800 product codes each with at least 3 to 4 different images I need some guru to let me know how can I delete the -1, -2 etc from the end and paste it at the beginning with out change the product code
  6. dedolightamericas

    Introduce Yourself

    Like many, I have just broken free from Adobe $uite. After 20 or so of buying equipment for Adobe, paying Adobe classes, updating Adobe, they Crash my CS5 suite. looking for an alternative found Affinity Suite and love it. That is it I am a photographer, cinematographer, occasional editorial designer based in Mexico City.