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  1. TPatrick

    Adding Text

    There is no "A" on my too; bar. At the top under the "Text" drop down most items are greyed out and there is no "A" or anything that says Text tool.
  2. TPatrick

    Adding Text

    There is no A on my tool bar and when I go across the top to "Text" most options are greyed out - the others seem to do nothing. How do I get the "A" . ?
  3. TPatrick

    Adding Text

    What is affinity designer? I am on - I thought the affinity developer - suggestions for improvement discussion. WHERE do I find the text tool? This is day two and approaching 10 hours unsuccessfully trying type "Congratulations!" on wedding photo. The photo is open. Along the top clicking on the "Text" drop down - most options are greyed out, the options that are not greyed out do not seem to do anything. How do I insert text on a photo. For the affinity developers suggestion discussion there really needs to be an insert text button.
  4. I've worked with many programs over 30+ years. I bought Affinity Photo based on many good reviews. However, the capability to add text to an image is so convoluted that after 6 hours of research I still don't know how to add text to an image. Please add a simple add text to an image function - one button very easy and simple to find: perhaps under text drop down (which currently has options that are mostly greyed out) - drag a text box - type text - highlight text to change font, size, color, orientation, etc. I am very very disappointed at how difficult it is to add text AND there is nothing in help files NOR is there a way to contact tech support.
  5. TPatrick

    Introduce Yourself

    Thank you.
  6. TPatrick

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I just bought Affinity Photo Editor and I cannot find a help or tutorial that shows how to type text on top of a photo. Can I type and have text show up on a photo? -Tpatrick

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