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  1. Hello, in Affinity Photo (newest version from Windows Store), pressure for my Wacom Cintiq is not working. I tried all sorts of brush settings, Force pressure etc. Works in other softs, I dont own Designer, so I cant try there. It worked before, I havent changed a thing, it probably happened after an update.
  2. Can we get a similar menu to Photoshops brush selection when right clicking? With size and hardness sliders? please pretty please. Painting really sucks because of that.
  3. 1) Please add shortcuts to Add and Substract (Alt and Ctrl or something) cause the Right click is not working with my Wacom. 2) Please add scrolling through types of selection (geometric and magnetic lasso) with Shift to be the same as with Brush etc and 3) make Lasso a separate Tool from the Geometric shapes type of selection. It is super confusing not to be able to scroll through it. 4) Put Magic selection and Magic selection Brush under one icon folder like Brush 5) Put Gradient and Fill under one icon folder 6) Put Smudge under Brush tool icon folder as well if
  4. When in Brush Tool, I Alt to Color-pick, the programme freezes, I need to minimize the programme to make it work again. It stops completely, doesnt recognize any input. Sometimes also freezes on Undo. Affinity Photo, Windows 10, Intel Core i7 4700, 16GB RAM, nvidia graphics card, Wacom Cintiq 16
  5. The right click and operations using it (f.e right click+drag with Laso tool) doesnt work. Doesnt even recognize the press ( it should change the cursor icon). With mouse works completely fine. Using Wacom Cintiq 16, disabled Windows Ink, Affinity Photo
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