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  1. qschilling

    Digital Leadlighting kit!!!!

    Ignore these other guys... while the presentation could maybe use a touch up I see a lot of potential in these extra options you have created. I'd be happy to pony up some cash to buy this kit. But will have to wait a few paydays. Thank you for your efforts!
  2. I bought both Affinity PHOTO WORKBOOK and Affinity DESIGNER WORKBOOK. On the Affinity PHOTO WORKBOOK it does not match the visual shown for sale on your site. Specifically my copy has the Affinity Designer Logo on the book in Pink instead of the proper Affinity Photo Logo. However the display version you have on your site shows the proper Affinity Photo Logo in the advertisement for the sale. Did I get an older version then of what you are currently selling somehow? and why the use of the wrong logo on the face and spine of the book?