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  1. Same issue happening for me. Following this thread for any updates! Hopefully sooner than later.
  2. Absolutely game changing for my workflow! I can now edit designs that were done on my Mac that used the Adobe fonts! Also the trackpad and mouse support is so welcome I could cry right now! Thank you so much!!!
  3. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this sooner than later. Apple loves Affinity and with WWDC coming up next week, I think the iPad is gunna show off some Pro apps such as Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro and X Code. Publisher would go great in a presentation like that. I can basically retire my computer if I get those pro apps and publisher. I still think we need Affinity’s studio link and iPadOS system fonts to be supported and those seem like features that might be rolled into Publishers launch to me.
  4. At this point I’m hoping this feature comes along with Publisher for iPadOS. The font menu needs an overhaul aswell. I have my fingers crossed that we’re gunna see that soon, maybe WWDC hopefully along with Logic Pro and Final Cut...the iPad is becoming so amazing!
  5. 1.8 is here. It is still looking like the same situation for the Adobe fonts unfortunately. Hopefully I'm just missing something.
  6. Not having access to Adobes fonts is what is stopping me from using Designer on my iPad for work. I’m always dealing with old files that other designers made with adobe software and typekit. No issue when I’m using my MacBook but my iPad is a bit of a paper weight in this scenario unfortunate as it stands. Can’t wait for them to allow this!
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