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  1. ravingdave

    Re-sizing canvas more than once not working as expected

    Hi there Just wondering if there are any plans to correct this issue, as it is still present in the latest version (1.6.7 on a Mac, running High Sierra)? thanks
  2. I have noticed what I think is a bug in the re-size canvas function, when trying to do more than one re-size operation. I was trying to add a border to one of my images, and was trying to achieve a white border around the entire image (for example 10 pixels), and then add a further black key line border outside of the white border (for example 2 pixels). So I take my original image, select re-size canvas, set the anchor point as central, unlock the retain aspect ratio padlock, and then add 20 pixels to each of the horizontal and vertical pixel dimensions - then press re-size. This all works as expected, and I can then flood fill the extended border area with white. Then to add the black key line I followed the same procedure, this time adding 4 pixels to the horizontal and vertical sizes. However, whilst this expands the canvas, it only adds transparent pixels on the right hand side and bottom of the canvas. Those on the top and left take on the colour of the existing image - so then it’s not possible to flood fill the new expanded canvas size. Examples of a simple case attached to demonstrate the effect. (Note if I save the image after the first re-size, close and then re-open the second resize works as expected.) PS it would also be useful if you could select the colour for new pixels added in the resize function itself.