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  1. designenergie

    Page Sequence Publisher

    Thx a lot. That did not work the whole time. now i restarted Publisher and it works. Puhh. thank you so much
  2. Need a bit help. Is it possible to change the page Sequence in a finished document? my Client changed some pages in his book and i have to rearrange pages and canĀ“t do it on klick. how does ist work? thx joerg
  3. designenergie

    PDF wrong Color

    thx so much for your help! helps me a lot for further projects
  4. designenergie

    PDF wrong Color

    Hi Stokerg attached you find the eps. i double clicked it in Publisher and changed color in the dok that openend to K100. Perhaps that was the mistake? Mailboxnow_15032016.eps
  5. designenergie

    PDF wrong Color

    Hi, thank you for the Answer. I defined the Black as a new color and didn`t use the predefined. So it worked for most Elements, but on Screen its shown in grey instead of black. BUT anyway the line in the Logo ist still not the right kind of black. Hope you can help :-) thx joerg Firmenschilder.pdf Firmenschilder.afpub
  6. I made a document with black Typo in CMYK. Defined color like: 0/0/0100 and exportes as PDF X4. Opened for Preflight in Acrobat and black is shown: 86/85/79/100. What can i do that the color i define ist the same in the PDF? I tried all Options and there is always the same mistake