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  1. From my (admittedly limited) experience with vectors in powerpoint I'm not convinced it works very well in this regard, I cleaned the shapes up a bit where there were overlapping nodes or the like, maybe that's a problem. 'strange' shapes.afdesign
  2. you may need to smooth some curves before adding if you're getting funky results, but this usually works fine: 2021-03-25 17-07-41.mp4
  3. you have to force the node into a cusp first via alt-dragging the handle but you should be able to drag it a second time right away to snap it to the first one without re-selecting the node 2021-03-21 10-50-14.mp4
  4. for me pretty much any way of pasting the text object works fine, did you perhaps select the text (characters) instead of the text object (from layers or via move tool)? 2021-03-17 10-33-25.mp4
  5. you can use a curve without stroke to divide without creating a gap edit - never mind, no need to disable the stroke here. 2021-03-17 09-52-11.mp4
  6. You might want to check this post: If that's not what you're trying to accomplish some example picture would help to clarify things.
  7. you can use the sculpt mode of the pencil tool to re-shape areas of your curve, ctrl/cmd+click while using the node tools deletes segments between nodes 2021-03-15 10-24-38.mp4
  8. You can do this via text path if you duplicate your curve/line, see attached video 2021-03-13 15-24-01.mp4
  9. You could close the mountain shape as its own object, then nest it inside the circle without adding or joining them together
  10. You could do it by duplicating the text frame, then - frame 1 - keep the first letter, delete everything else - frame 2 - delete the first letter, disable drop caps - frame 1 - enable text wrap, edit wrap contour it still takes a couple clicks but it's easier and overall more interactive to get even distances I think Diary of a U-Boat Commander_.afpub
  11. you can use alt/option+mousewheel to rotate 1° or alt/option+cmd/ctrl+mousewheel for 10° steps
  12. ... you could put a mask on your layer and use the pixel tool to paint things out, this wouldn't be too much of a workaround I think 2021-02-12 15-32-51.mp4
  13. a 1px round brush does not fully overlap a 1px square shape, thus the approximation - try using a 3px brush, zoom in and move it around for better visibility. If you need full pixels erased better use selection/delete, otherwise paint over with the pixel tool
  14. you can use an overlay with erase blend mode and adjusted blend ranges here, might need some tweaking in rasterized areas though: 2021-02-10 15-21-59.mp4
  15. All 3 apps crashed some seconds after clicking sign in, the apps didn't appear to freeze during that time however. For the first user on this machine when run as admin the browser launched and everything else went fine, for the second user which I registered a day later this error did not occur, but the sign in was opened directly within the app. Both users are members of the local admin group only, without any custom domain/role permissions
  16. If you bake the corners you can workaround it via construction snapping: 2021-02-08 17-00-13.mp4
  17. Posterise and Gradient map adjustments are another way to do that, this allows to easily change or fine tune things - you could even change the text layer itself. 2021-02-07 17-39-09.mp4
  18. For me it flat out crashed, running the app explicitly with admin privileges solved it though
  19. @alx_Serif you can put it all (except your background and anything you don't want to be affected) in one group or layer, moving the text around independently is not a problem
  20. If you set scale to minimum/maximum active it should maintain a reasonable appearance, stretch or no scale options will distort the image when you change the aspect ratio of the frame on your master page
  21. well there's like 30 icons in modern car cockpits of which maybe 50% somewhat "show" their function, don't tell me you get lost there. after finding out once you know what it is regardless of whether or not it's a "good" icon
  22. It's not too reasonable to expect a rather complex software (despite the swatches panel among many other things being really NOT complex ...) to be all self explanatory and learning-by-doing-friendly, if you know what you're missing you'll find it faster in the documentation or on youtube than writing a forum post ... it's like going from windows to mac and claiming it's bad because you let no one explain
  23. it's perfectly possible if you enable the respective options 2020-12-29 11-22-11.mp4
  24. you can also use the pen tool, for this case with straight edges only it's rather quick as well - however I don't think 100% sharp edges looks very good without more tweaking. 2020-11-22 12-01-02.mp4
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