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  1. for the shape itself you can either - use the polygon tool or - use the triangle tool and create a triangle inside a square box, then multiply the height by sin(60) or - use the star tool, 3 points and max. inner radius depending on your overall goal any method has its advantage. for the position you can use the point transform tool to snap the center of mass to your guides or spread center, regardless of the bounding box overlapping or not 2021-11-12 14-07-20.mp4
  2. instead of an image brush you could also stack gradients in the appearance panel (100-0% opacity), this however requires some masking to have them not bleed into overlapping areas untitled.afdesign
  3. You could create a table that queries your data and puts it all in one row for use of the data merge tool, if all your data files are structured exactly the same you could just replace the data source each time and have everything ready to import to publisher
  4. ... indeed. In this case using the contour tool to create a positive offset, bake, then apply a negative offset of not quite the first amount might be worth a try 2021-05-12 14-34-57.mp4
  5. A quick way would be a negative offset via contour tool and a tiny bit of gaussian blur
  6. From my (admittedly limited) experience with vectors in powerpoint I'm not convinced it works very well in this regard, I cleaned the shapes up a bit where there were overlapping nodes or the like, maybe that's a problem. 'strange' shapes.afdesign
  7. you may need to smooth some curves before adding if you're getting funky results, but this usually works fine: 2021-03-25 17-07-41.mp4
  8. you have to force the node into a cusp first via alt-dragging the handle but you should be able to drag it a second time right away to snap it to the first one without re-selecting the node 2021-03-21 10-50-14.mp4
  9. for me pretty much any way of pasting the text object works fine, did you perhaps select the text (characters) instead of the text object (from layers or via move tool)? 2021-03-17 10-33-25.mp4
  10. you can use a curve without stroke to divide without creating a gap edit - never mind, no need to disable the stroke here. 2021-03-17 09-52-11.mp4
  11. You might want to check this post: If that's not what you're trying to accomplish some example picture would help to clarify things.
  12. you can use the sculpt mode of the pencil tool to re-shape areas of your curve, ctrl/cmd+click while using the node tools deletes segments between nodes 2021-03-15 10-24-38.mp4
  13. You can do this via text path if you duplicate your curve/line, see attached video 2021-03-13 15-24-01.mp4
  14. You could close the mountain shape as its own object, then nest it inside the circle without adding or joining them together
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