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  1. Hello, it is ammazing to see so many reactions on such a simple request like .BMP. I still doesn't understand why Serif still ignores this request. I hope the reason is that they need to do a lot of work on the total export persona. The whole persona needs a complete brush-up and more common format, also for vector output. At that time they may drop some of the lagy formats like .TGA or .HDR. Who needs these formats ?? Cheers Henry stay healthy
  2. Hi MEB, possibly I've a similar problem. I've embedded (platzieren..) a shield from another Designer file. The printout shows a darker rectangle around the shield. The rectangle is not visible onscreen. For testing I copied/pasted the shield from the same file. The dark rectangle doesn't exist. Regards Henry
  3. +1 for the old .BMP format It is still needed for many uses under Windows.
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