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    IvanOz reacted to Captain Snooze in How to manage my forum profile   
    Gidday Patrick
    Thanks for that; message about spammers received and understood!  You will see I have updated my profile successfully.
    When I joined this forum I did not encounter a welcome page where one might find housekeeping information and rules.  Maybe I missed it!
    Anyhoo, I have been having tons of fun getting to know the absolutely amazing Affinity Designer.  The amount of information and resources on this forum is almost overwhelming.  I am excited.
    Thanks for your help Patrick!
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    IvanOz reacted to Patrick Connor in How to manage my forum profile   
    @Captain Snooze
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums
    Underneath your name you will see that you are (now were )[see below] a "New Member" meaning that you had fewer than 3 posts or you had been a member for less than 4 days.
    Once customers you have made more than a few posts and been here longer than 4 days they have access to the profile information you are refering to. This "New Members" group has fewer options like the ones you are missing, as we were getting a lot of spammers who were creating accounts in order to add profile information and signatures for SEO reasons, without having anything to do with Serif software.
    I have changed your group for you and these profile options are now available.
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    IvanOz reacted to iaing in [Affinity Publisher] Illustrator .ai file places as monochrome white instead of full colour   
    I opened your .ai file and it looks like each piece of the feather is a gradient mesh. Affinity understands .ai files as they're basically pdfs (I believe?) but can't cope with the gradient mesh part so it's turning the fills to white instead. Looks like exporting as an svg from illustrator brings it in to Publisher OK, but I haven't looked too closely.
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