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  1. Hi Sean, Thanks! I closed the Appearance panel and the issue resolved.
  2. Hi Sean P, Here is a screenshot where the Designer gets stuck. As soon as I clicked Alt and was dragging the shape, it got stuck. When this happens, everything becomes unresponsive and I have to End Process through Task Manager.
  3. Hi, I am a new user of Affinity softwares. I am trying to follow this tutorial on Youtube to make a pattern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSt4qrXWPFg At or around 2:24, following the instructions as in the video, the software crashes - especially when I am doing the Alt + drag action. This has happened several times now and I have to restart the whole thing all the time. I read in some other thread that it might be because of a bug in the 'symbols' function? Would be great if there is a solution or work around this? Many thanks.