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  1. When switching between two documents, the canvas keeps moving to the right side of the screen. So, I need to "zoom to fit" (Ctrl+0) every time I switch documents. Am I doing something wrong? or this a bug? or some configuration that can be changed? Using Affinity Designer Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 OS Build 19042.1052
  2. At some point when adding a new guide, all the guides disappear. I tried to "Show Guides" (Ctrl+;) again, but no success. You can see the guides on the ruler area, but not on the work area. Had to close the application and open it again to make it work. Very annoying! I don't remember having this problem before last update. Running Affinity Designer version Windows 10 Pro v.10.0.19042 Build 19042
  3. When is Transform tool coming to ADesigner? We really need a tool to warp or perspective our graphics/text as vectors, (no rasterized)
  4. Yes, I'm using 2, main monitor: 32" second monitor: 24". But usually APhoto is open on the main monitor. (I may have moved the app to the smaller monitor once) Actually, the problem just disappeared for now. I don't know exactly what I did, but I closed and reorganized all the panels. Feels like when you go to the doctor and the pain is gone. Thanks for now
  5. Thanks Chris B, I tried, but still behave that way. Even if I close all panels. 1. Create a new document 2. Create a second new document 3. Switch view between the two documents. 4.Document is pushed down right on the workspace. Keep switching between documents, image keeps moving down to right.You can see the Navigator is changing viewing area. Affinity Photo running on Win 10 Pro V1909 OSbuild 18363.836 Intel Core i7 4.2Gz RAM 16gb GPU NVidia GeForce GTX1060 6gb
  6. I'm experiencing a problem in Affinity Photo When I have 2 image files opened and switch from one to the other, the image goes off center down to the right. When switch back to the first image, the image is pushed a little more down to the right. So now everytime I switch from one image to another I have to recenter (Ctrl+0) I don't remember having this issue before. I reinstalled the app and still the same behavior. Am I doing something wrong?
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