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  1. Recent start to a new idea, all Affinity Designer, still and videos. Part one - Part two - Part three- Please enjoy my artistic madness!
  2. Hello artists and creatives, I am posting three videos and 5 still frames of progress creating an artwork. More to come and post here in time for this. I have been struck by an Idea that may distract me a bit. I will continue this in a few days. Video part one - Video part two - Video part three -
  3. That is awesome. So one curious paradox of the bird is they cannot just bite and crack large animal bones. In stead they fly up to a spot about 1,000 feet above the ground, targeting a super hard surface like rocks and boulders, then drop the bone to break it, then they eat the marrow, most nutritious insides of bone and slowly crunch up and eat bone. Now, coming to a town near you, he he he. Cool find, thanks.
  4. Good afternoon, the apparently live in the Alps, believe it or not - I uploaded the images in sequence but they did not flow in order. I don't see option to reorder, so please excuse order - final, of course has my signature.
  5. Here is an illustration by me. It is a Bone-Eating Bearded Vulture. I videoed the beginning - and I videoed the ending -
  6. "Bring us the egg!" However mine represents cosmic happenings in a microscopic panspermia way delivered by asteroids and comets. Here is the image and a link to full draw video. Thanks you if you watch it. Video is about 1.5 hours, but skip along or stop and study. Into the Blue, awaaaaaaay!!!
  7. Pondering other artwork I am creating as I jump around. This is in the development stage too, We shall see what we shall see over time. Watch 5 drawing videos here if you would like to see me actually create unedited, no fancy edits, just real drawing digitally in Affinity designer. Thank you all.
  8. Hello, Yes that would be a good idea. I have been rebuilding the laptop, and it is done. I acquired a new desktop and the whole last 2 weeks have been a huge mind expanding computer overwhelm. I just transferred 200 GB of files so the new dedicated machine is just a workstation, no email, no word, no bloatware. all good now. Just relocated text of title, seems like an obvious thing I missed - trying to keep cover format like first digital product. But all this makes me realize the layout "items" can be the same, even in different locations. Also I did so effect to have a spacetime feel to the "r" at end of Traveler. In time it all falls into place, soon I start to write. Who will buy a digital copy of first book and critique that? Besides a brief history of myself - there are some strange musings in it. This is where the theme begins. Each book will be different and represent my growth - as a digital artist. I must say patience is a primary objective. Book one https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/JX1K/the-pussycat-pilot-art-books-by-doz-i-begin-here
  9. It was great advice, I realiy appreciate the link, and I am thinking about it all. I usually don't get to it until later in the day, but will post when I edit, thanks again. Okay, so how does this one appeal to your sci-fi senses? Using Affinity Fonts, to emulate the feel, Time Traveler is - Showcase Gothic, #2 is - Bauhaus 93, Puhlz is - also Showcard Gothic scaled to fit, and Book two is Forte...
  10. Thank is an excellent idea. So my original idea was to follow suit in all books in my series. Here is book one, https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/JX1K/the-pussycat-pilot-art-books-by-doz-i-begin-here It is a first digital product book I have ever made and I thought I would keep the look and style and fonts. But, the Title font could change, and I saved you excellent link you have forwarded, Benguiat Cinema (Franklin Gothic) may be a great choice, but I will explore. That link is excellent, I need to wake up, this new paradigm has me in my own world more so than usual as an artist and tattoo artist, shop is closed for Covid -19 safety currently. I will study the several pages in that fabulous link and get inspired, one of my favorite artist is Richard Powers, perhaps you are familiar with him. Great advice, thank you. The first book is in 16 x 9 format 20 pages, some autobiography, drawing lessons, discussions, fonts, and distortion art, and very colorful. No takers yet, but it has many surprises and some serious Affinity designer artwork. My ArtStation portal is here https://www.artstation.com/wildeyedartist I work solely in Affinity Designer to draw and paint now studing and solving any issues of digital art with it. Regards, David Herman
  11. I have a cover, now to dream up a book. Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher. Hand drawn in Affinity Designer, which I enjoy the most.
  12. Good morning, I tried to reply but my computer just turned off, all spooky like. Thanks for the input and the music. The music is great and I will play it all for sure. I - hope - like many that whatever we create and share as artist, in all the arts, like visual, dance, music, sculpture and so on is our communal bond. Entering our new paradigm way of life, I invoke humanity to emerge as a higher being. Keep on creating, thanks again.
  13. Hello Serif Mavens, I am loving this software here is some imagery of things I am creating solely in Affinity Designer. Prints of my work can be seen here https://www.artstation.com/wildeyedartist/prints artist stick together in this ne paradigm. Be determined and steadfast, time will resolve it all.
  14. This currently in the working stage, uncompleted as of yet. I am including some screen captures and crops and a link to my Artstation Portal https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ybOEyJ for the whole progression so far. All drawn in Affinity Designer, amazing software, I am figuring out.
  15. Today I completed this artwork. Drawn in Affinity Designer, then color shifted in Affinity Photo, then my "chop" was added in Photoshop. It made it to the Homepage of Artstation, if you scroll down in print section. Human Bacon Hunters in bathed in blue light of the mind machine. Human Bacon Hunters - walking in the blue light of the mind machine, prior to mission launch. These two lifeforms: Totem and Grill, by me Doz, are productions of a type three civilization sent to start a culling section by section on planet Earth. It is harvest time, thin the herd time, and make space time for another zoo animal. I love science fiction, I am working sincerely and diligently to grow and expand my skills as well as imagination. I have fun, love digital art, and have a vivid imagination. See the print shop above, this is posted at half size of maximum 36 x 36 inches, available in smaller increments, and at half res, print res is 300 dpi. Still getting all the drawing down first and mastering tools, then someday a book, perhaps. Black and white, shading and highlights, gray development still in the works can be seen here. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KameBB
  16. Art and learning go together forever, especially in this digital age. This is my learning the Vector and Raster combination possibilities and some type features combined in a happy artwork. A break from sci-fi. Lots of possibilities in Affinity as I see from all the great artwork people post on the net with Affinity Designer.
  17. Well here is another ditty as I delve into these products and invent my own path through the software jungle. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tamChsxYb34
  18. Current progress. I have 4 days of sorting out the message "Preparing Automatic Repairs"..Black screen...it was the Ac/Dc adapter cord for the ASUS G705jm Gamer ROG laptop.
  19. Okay, thank you for the advice LiamBlack. I looked up symmetry and mirroring tools and not being lazy - I find they are unbelievably cool. As a newbie I have to force the brain to keep open and never quit. So I am now going to work in symmetry, mirror and continue. Of course that gave me new Ideas for distortions on future projects and then mirroring and symmetry painting, truly unlimited options, just need to add them to the kit bag. Thanks again. By the way I also need to learn working in forums, new to this, also.
  20. New artwork I am conquering up in Affinity Designer. Here are a few stages.I will work on it again this week. I am not sure how to add any text under an image, but thanks for the comments and interest in my learning the software. I am sure with practice it will get better. All advice is always appreciated. Thanks again, enjoy making art. Okay, a most busy and good learning day. I now instead of building one half and mirroring and assembling in Photoshop, did it all in Affinity Designer like I should. Prompted by an email I took the time to find a good tutorial and learned to mirror and use symmetry. Thanks for the prompt, this project will continue all in Affinity designer. Follow the sides of the head for changes top to bottom and tomorrow perhaps new additions to this artwork.
  21. Thank you for appreciating my art. I am available for commission artwork. If you enjoy this style, one of many I do, see my Artstation - https://www.artstation.com/wildeyedartist Please look at Prints here - https://www.artstation.com/wildeyedartist/prints I am trying to sell canvas, poster, and print artworks. I am all original and can digitally draw anything. If you want to purchase that newest image for an album cover, or communicate in the future, I would appreciate paying work. But most importantly thank you for relating to art done with my new software Affinity Designer. There will be more.
  22. Hello, New artwork all done from beginning to the end in Affinity Designer, with the entire video, about 2 hours to skip along and see. Love this software. Next week I get into Publisher and then who can say? Hopefully a Graphic Novel Series.
  23. Graphic Novel skill set begins. I have written a sci-fi novel. I am learning Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher on my own, I will attempt Book 1 as a Graphic Novel in a series. I may try 50 pages at first, as one guy, no staff my way way, I'd say at least 2 years. But I have kept at this and I can hopefully do it one day. This art is just me practicing, all original, will be the way I go it alone. Although send money if you wish. He he he. You people at Affinity have great products as far as I am concerned, I need to get up to speed, going fast enough though for now. This is not the novel but a learning lesson.
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