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  1. Pulse1.618

    "Mask of Jaru" by Doz.

    Okay, thank you for the advice LiamBlack. I looked up symmetry and mirroring tools and not being lazy - I find they are unbelievably cool. As a newbie I have to force the brain to keep open and never quit. So I am now going to work in symmetry, mirror and continue. Of course that gave me new Ideas for distortions on future projects and then mirroring and symmetry painting, truly unlimited options, just need to add them to the kit bag. Thanks again. By the way I also need to learn working in forums, new to this, also.
  2. New artwork I am conquering up in Affinity Designer. Here are a few stages.I will work on it again this week. I am not sure how to add any text under an image, but thanks for the comments and interest in my learning the software. I am sure with practice it will get better. All advice is always appreciated. Thanks again, enjoy making art. Okay, a most busy and good learning day. I now instead of building one half and mirroring and assembling in Photoshop, did it all in Affinity Designer like I should. Prompted by an email I took the time to find a good tutorial and learned to mirror and use symmetry. Thanks for the prompt, this project will continue all in Affinity designer. Follow the sides of the head for changes top to bottom and tomorrow perhaps new additions to this artwork.
  3. Pulse1.618

    Shedding a Light on the Subject

    Thank you for appreciating my art. I am available for commission artwork. If you enjoy this style, one of many I do, see my Artstation - https://www.artstation.com/wildeyedartist Please look at Prints here - https://www.artstation.com/wildeyedartist/prints I am trying to sell canvas, poster, and print artworks. I am all original and can digitally draw anything. If you want to purchase that newest image for an album cover, or communicate in the future, I would appreciate paying work. But most importantly thank you for relating to art done with my new software Affinity Designer. There will be more.
  4. Hello, New artwork all done from beginning to the end in Affinity Designer, with the entire video, about 2 hours to skip along and see. Love this software. Next week I get into Publisher and then who can say? Hopefully a Graphic Novel Series.
  5. Graphic Novel skill set begins. I have written a sci-fi novel. I am learning Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher on my own, I will attempt Book 1 as a Graphic Novel in a series. I may try 50 pages at first, as one guy, no staff my way way, I'd say at least 2 years. But I have kept at this and I can hopefully do it one day. This art is just me practicing, all original, will be the way I go it alone. Although send money if you wish. He he he. You people at Affinity have great products as far as I am concerned, I need to get up to speed, going fast enough though for now. This is not the novel but a learning lesson.
  6. Please skip along video timeline if I have to close and open a file or if my system locks for a few minutes, this is real time, all problems solved on screen, each of these diamonds can be sized, color modified, shape replaced, a myriad of cool stuff and I solve everything I intended to create and resolve. Video -
  7. I am beginning the 3 hour lesson video on Youtube to explore practical options. I have a whole lot of Ideas and really want to see the options in vector / raster / type setting combinations, amazing software. Here is an hour and a half video - cold start to finish, real time, as an exercise. See drawing and video:
  8. Greeting to the Forum, I have begun a new artwork and when complete will be available as a print, canvas, or poster, but still much more creativity to go both in figure and then a background. Here is the video link to the beginning as I whip it up in Affinity Designer, as a newbie, getting a toe in the water. Video -
  9. Thanks. Art is fun and for sure a great meditation each time we practice. Here is an update as I did some work today, now I will wait a while until it progresses further. I am learning forum tools, too, for editing here. So I may surprise with a photo here and there along to the end result. Another short 30 minute video -
  10. Pottery Architecture, Video of drawing and chatter as I work - beginning of a sci - fi city.
  11. Pulse1.618

    The Reveal

    Hello, actually it is titled "The Reveal", funny how it seems like I am revealing it. The central entity is opening up to reveal its inner workings, then it borrows the two legs in the foreground - the large robotic machine and organic legs and feet, plus the closest bent arms on both sides in an optical illusion to be a full figure. I dig the multiverse theories and science fiction so this is founded in a bizarre creation of makers unknown. As far as the hours, man I am guessing like 30, one of the discoveries early on occurred in one of the infinite stages where I cloned and flipped and turned down the opacity to find the overlap and turn it into the central figure. I have about 20 .jpgs and stages I manipulated. I love the brush sets in here and have made a zillion bundles learning - Affinity Designer is powerful. Some final tweaks were done in Photoshop, like thin lines to define boundaries. The more familiar I get with Affinity Designer the more my imagination will go bonkers. Thank you for your interest. I hope the long answer helps and is not too long of an answer.
  12. Pulse1.618

    The Dark Bot

    Thank you, I appreciate your support.
  13. Pulse1.618

    The Reveal

    Hello everyone, I have created a new image as I very slowly get accustomed to Affinity Designer. The program is amazing, one day I hope to know my way around all the fine features. This post is full color, I created a signature glyph I can edit date in, and here it is. Here is a link to a video during one of the drawing sessions, fun stuff - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyHdooA6iIE I am trying to now begin a way to earn money from my art, I love this Affinity Designer. On my Artstation Page I will sell prints and canvases. Print 12 x 18 - https://www.artstation.com/prints/art_print/BK6R/the-reveal Canvas 12 x 18 - https://www.artstation.com/prints/canvas/BK6R/the-reveal Thanks for any support.
  14. Pulse1.618

    The Dark Bot

    Hello to this Forum, I recently enjoyed purchasing Affinity Designer. I have had it 4 days now. I tried to do a charcoal illustration yesterday and had good success, I love the software and look forward to getting past the learning curve. To me it seems genius. I usually work primarily in Photoshop, but it does not have the feel like working in brush tools like Affinity - after one use I am hooked. Here is my first artwork and link to a video of me sorting it out real time from scratch. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfmqfjNRB1U Thanks, Viva Art and Artists of all types, and long life imagination and creativity.