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  1. I'm not sure that I understand why missing or low precision controls in Pages files prevent their import; I can see why it can't be a two-way process, but part of the reason for importing is to get access to better facilities. I have a number of Pages documents that I would like to combine into one AffPub publication. The only option seems to be to to cut and paste the text, redefine the paragraph- and character- styles used (a one-off operation for the document) and then manually select the text and assign it to the styles - a major task in this case. (There is another option, of course; export the Pages files to PDFs and place the images. This is ugly, and involves keeping both the editable Pages documents and the linked PDFs.) I'm guessing that the demand for such a facility would be too low for it to be worth implementing, so I'm adding this comment in the hope that some wise person will say 'You can get the effect you need by...'
  2. I obviously have a huge amount to learn! I find it surprising that moving from 8-bit to 16-bit would quadruple the file size; doubling seems more logical. I've been using PNGs as a raw storage medium that's easier to access than CR2s, but if the file volumes are quadrupling - or even doubling - it changes the balance.
  3. I'm just moving over from Photoshop Elements, so I've got Culture Shock, but I'm enjoying the process. I convert photographs to PNGs - a historic hangover from when I had trouble with support for CR2s. I notice that the PNGs produced by Affinity are noticeably darker than the PSE output, and darker than the CR2 originals, though I realise I can adjust everything. More importantly, the files are about 4 times the size - 95MB as opposed to 23MB. (These are created from a 26MB CR2 file.) I can see the case for storing the files uncompressed, to speed up processing, so is that what's happening, or have I missed something? I'm running Affinity Photo 1.7.1 on a MacBook Pro, reading CR2 files created by a Canon EOS 700D.
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