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  1. +1 from me. Not being able to have a reference/background layer for outline mode makes the view fairly useless. I only every use outline mode in Illustrator when I'm tracing something and toggling back and forth between outline and normal views. Given the frequency of this toggle, I'd personally even want outline mode a little more accessible but that's just me…
  2. For reference, here's a recording of the bug I encountered. In the recording you can see me trying to expand an inside stroke and centered stroke on a 16px icon.
  3. Right… I guess it's not just me. Hoping this does get sorted soon though… This is super important for me because I create icons at 16x16 so when expanding a stroke distorts the shapes, it's a big deal. The main reason I am using using AD is because Sketch's vector tool is busted and I can't rely on it for complex icon work. So if I also can't rely on the accuracy of AD as a vector tool, there's not much benefit in me using it in the first place. For clarity, I'm not after feature-parity with Illustrator either. But I do expect the features it does have to work as expected (especially something as fundamental as expanding/outlining a stroke).
  4. Whenever I'm using Outline mode, it's always to trace an image. I prefer to use Outline mode because the "visible stroke" is as fine as it can be, and there are no styles applied (i.e. no fills, strokes, gradients etc). In my opinion (and my usecase of course), having the "Outline" view mode seems incomplete without being able to set an image layer as a background. I don't think every image layer should be visible, but there should be a way to change an image layer's view setting to "Traceable" (or something similar) so it is visible even when in Outline mode. It makes sense for this "traceable" layer to be slightly opaque just so the outline can be clearly seen on top. The opacity could be set on the layer, or it could be set as a global setting (whatever's easier).
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