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  1. I created pages in the touch portal to use with Affinity Photo and the designer for those who want to download and use, I will also leave shortcuts to the AP and AD if you want to use similar to the original, case want to modify and or improve is available (I recommend you also share with the Affinity community).

    (PT-BR)Criei páginas no touch portal  para usar com o Affinity Photo e o designer para quem quiser fazer download e usar, também deixarei atalhos para o AP e o AD caso queira usar semelhante ao original, case deseje modificar e ou melhorar fica a disposição(recomendo que também compartilhe com a comunidade do Affinity).


    -Affinity Photo: 2021 atalhos AP 2.afshort

    -Affinity Designer: atalhos affinitydesigner 2021.afshort


    Aphoto:APhoto 2021.tpzAphoto.thumb.jpg.2499d0f9491f5244adf6716085edbe26.jpg


    Affinity Photo Dissolve:Aphoto dissolve 2021.tpzApDissolve.thumb.jpg.8e8f0023d7dc2cd21ac264b5825df880.jpg


    Affinity photo Develop:Aphoto Develop 2021.tpzApDevelop.thumb.jpg.830c4811d3368be6d761f2e18771cd0c.jpg


    Affinity Photo Merge Tones:Aphoto Merge Tones.tpz1040842299_ApMergetones.thumb.jpg.82b8108f84db7e2ebf023c3c0a392830.jpg


    Page Affinity Designer:Afinity designer 2021.tpz Adesigner.thumb.jpg.f5af95250e16ea351fb64b78ace9bee7.jpg

  2. There are possibilities for affinity software to be placed in winget repositories, to facilitate various things in windows 10 and 11 such as, install via commands, when formatting the pc using winget import to install apps with a few clicks, I ask devs to take a look at this (I don't know if it's complicated to do this).

  3. 1 hour ago, walt.farrell said:

    But you have the 1.0 folder for Photo. Are you sure you bought it from the Microsoft Store, and not the Affinity Store?

    Yes, because I bought with gift card in MS, I tbm do not understand the folder 1.0. AD and APub backed up workspaces by going to folder 1.0 (store) "AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher\1.0 (Store)\Workspaces" and Aphoto i can't because of the folder's lack (hidden items are enabled for viewing).

  4. 6 hours ago, footeg said:

    My custom shortcut for Frequency Separation works ok in this beta. It's good to see the choice of Method has been extended to the Windows version. However, I am getting artefacts with the Gaussian method with radius above 27px for landscape images & 41px for portrait images. This does not occur with the other methods or the production release. It is very specific to those radii. See attached files. I'm not sure whether you would ever use such high radii but it could be a problem.

    is really working when I apply separation and frequency in beta, is that I was opening a file with frequency separation of stable version in that beta, while the artifacts did not happen here.

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