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  1. Hello, when I copy and paste layers of big panorama-pictures (20.000x10.000px) it takes much longer than in earlier versions (about 1 min versus a few seconds). Try with the attached photo "select all", "copy" and "new from clipboard". I have a 2019 iMac with OS 10.14.6, 3.6 GHz Intel Core i9 and 128GB RAM. Best Heiko
  2. When I import PDFs with integrated fonts in Photoshop, everything looks like the original. Affinity still doesn't recognize the embeded fonts and gives a warning that the fonts are missing. I only can choose own fonts of my system. Here it would be cool if Affinity would take the already embeded font in the PDF-file.
  3. Hello, I was just making a really complicated selection with the lasso tool. A few clicks before the end I missed a key and changed unwillingly the tool. The selection was immediately gone. It should not be possible to change a tool while working with the lasso. Only escape should end it.
  4. I found this first too, but nothing repeated in my first attempts. Now I found out that you have to find a way that the content of a pixel layer has to be prepared first. The content mustn't be bigger than the visible area. So first I selected all and copied to another layer. When I moved the content it really ended at the image borders. But the Affine filter still didn't repeat. A solution was to copy all visible things to a new layer (with this special command cmd+alt+shift+e). With this layer the repetition in the Affine Filter worked finally.
  5. Hello, I try to make a seamless pattern from a part of a bitmap. In Photoshop I use the offset-filter (Filters - Offset) to retouch the seams. Is there something like this in Affinity Photo?
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