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  1. Ok, that's good. Wishing them the best luck.
  2. Hello, thanx! I have the original document, but it's heavily modified now and I already deleted troubled objects, but I managed to recreate the problem again. I select object in group by a Ctrl modifier, Ctrl+C, deselect, Ctrl+V, then relocate, stretch it in one dimension(in my current case it's vertical) and effect appears again. One additional moment - the size of select-sensitive area is vary due the zoom scale, I marked the active area on 100% zoom. СТОЛ_troubleshoot.afdesign
  3. Hello. I encounter some weird problem with Move Tool in Affinity Designer Here's the steps before the problem appears: I duplicated and stretched one of these small red vertical rectangle(see attached pictures), then colored it green. After these actions it turns out that I can't select any other objects near this green rectangle by clicking on them - it select green rectangle only. Although I can select them by clicking and draging Move Tool from unaffected area. It affected only area on the sides of the rectangle(dimension I have modified), not the top or bottom. On the second picture I hatched exact area there's effect appears - clikc on anything inside with Move Tool results only with selecting green rectangle. It runs from left side of working area to the vertical red rectangle on the right. If I place another object on the layer above, selection works properly, but anything below is affected. If I stretch green rectangle in vertical dimension, affected area shrinks, but not disappearing. Closing and re-opening the document doesn't help. As a wild guess, I think the program miscalculated my actions and disproportionately increase the active area of new object. All objects on separated layers, no groups. Problem appears not the first time and have a random character. Unfortunately, I didn't remember on what version it started. Running on Win 10 x64. How can I fix it? Thanx.

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