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  1. No, it appears in both ways - locked layer touched first or unlocked layer first. I create a simple document with two piles of objects on right and left side of the artboard and start making marquee selection from left and right. Sometimes it can work without issues for minutes, but overall, in my case I guess changing locks on layers accelerate appearance of the issue. selection.mp4
  2. Yeah, it's slow and ugrouping is an issue, but amount of available parameters makes it crucial tool. It's not about implementing exact same pattern, but a good example of there to start and what to improve.
  3. Yes, that would be very useful. Also a powerful objects finder like in Corel DRAW(which can select objects with multiple similar characteristics, like object type, line thickness, font etc) would be very nice too.
  4. It'll be very-very useful if shortcuts would be responsive to the selected settings of Alignment Tool. Lojza already asked about this but that was considered as a feature of the program. Defaulted Selection bounds makes shortcuts almost useless for me while it looks like it have a very simple resolution by adding an option. However, I think Alignment Tool options should affect shortcuts by default, it's just so straightforward and obvious, because otherwise it's just like you have two duplicated tools.
  5. Designer, Win 10 Then I locked one layer and work with unlocked objects on the other layers I can frequently select objects in locked layer as well. It happens then I use marquee selection with Move Tool. Sometimes, then I try to drag them, selection disappears but sometimes I can effectively change position of locked objects. This issue is completely sporadic and never appears on earlier versions. I can easily reproduce this issue by frequently making marquee selection(in new, clear document). Situation strongly resembles this topic in Beta forum.
  6. Haakoo, just use "Immediate layers" option instead, it will snaps just like in other designer app but without flashes. Options, like on\off, duration of highlights and color will be nice too. That particular option is solely about permanence of highlight.
  7. Heh, the more you know... I'm dedicate some time to playing with this feature and I have to admit - it's actually super convenient, but super counter-intuitive. At first I thought selecting of candidates is chaotic but then I create a clear document and understand that it memorize LAST# objects you highlight. Then you get it, it allows you to super-quick stack needed objects without messing this lots of other objects in document.
  8. Honestly, I'm also think it's a useful feature. If you need snapping(like I am) but without that annoying blinks, just use other options in "Candidates" menu. "Show Snapping Candidates" just highlights selected number of objects permanently, turning it off leaving just informative flashes.
  9. Well, that was not the case but general direction helps to resolve the issue. Thing is "Show Snapping Candidates" was already turned off. It just permanently highlights several of last selected objects. As long as general snapping option is enabled, that winks are continued to appear if "Candidates:" option is leaved on "Candidate list". On any other option("Immediate layers" etc) winks disappears. Thanx for help!
  10. Affinity Designer, Win 10 While working on project, objects tend to wink, kind of short pink highlight outside the contour when mouse cursor happens to be over. I understand it's a feature, but for me it's pretty irritating. Is there any way to turn it off?
  11. Hello, thanx! I have the original document, but it's heavily modified now and I already deleted troubled objects, but I managed to recreate the problem again. I select object in group by a Ctrl modifier, Ctrl+C, deselect, Ctrl+V, then relocate, stretch it in one dimension(in my current case it's vertical) and effect appears again. One additional moment - the size of select-sensitive area is vary due the zoom scale, I marked the active area on 100% zoom. СТОЛ_troubleshoot.afdesign
  12. Hello. I encounter some weird problem with Move Tool in Affinity Designer Here's the steps before the problem appears: I duplicated and stretched one of these small red vertical rectangle(see attached pictures), then colored it green. After these actions it turns out that I can't select any other objects near this green rectangle by clicking on them - it select green rectangle only. Although I can select them by clicking and draging Move Tool from unaffected area. It affected only area on the sides of the rectangle(dimension I have modified), not the top or bottom. On the second p
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