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  1. It’s useless if I want to return the affinity file back to my desktop with reliability. I don't want to do a bunch of work here on my iPad (as I like to do) and then send to my desktop. Were these issues emailed to us? I didn’t see anything.
  2. So then it’s useless until the next update then. I see. This is baaaaaad.
  3. Hi all, spent some time on a project and want to send it back to desktop but there doesn't seem to be a way. I used to be able to use universal control and drag the doc over to my iMac, but that doesn't work (Frustrating!) So I tried opening the doc on the iPad to do a save as to get it into my files and there's nothing there in the UI to do so! Help! What am I missing here? Thanks, Jim >>>>>>>> Simple keyboard Command Shift S... works perfect.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  4. I'm not pushing Adobe Max... just that its going on at the same time we see the first real promise of Publisher coming on iPad. The one thing I wish my M1 iPad pro had is the new hover for pencil. I use my iPad with astropad to do 3D and hover is a work around right now.
  5. came here to mention that as well. I'm sure its a little bit of a bummer as Adobe Max Live is going on now too...
  6. I understand there’s several ways. I am wondering how Dave GI is doing it. But thanks? Lol
  7. Hi Dave, just curious, how are you discovering this on the exported file? Are you looking at the properties in acrobat? I’m not sure I have an answer but wondering how you are inspecting the output file. Jim
  8. The latest update fixed it for me. Glad I wasn’t losing my mind!
  9. Hi @Lee D just got back to this. Yes, I thought the blue dots are from show touches, but I don't have it on, and I don't recall seeing them before this odd behavior started acting up.
  10. Hi, I recently have been having problems with Designer, I draw with the pen, and hold 2 fingers to select a node and select a handle and let go with one finger to pull and adjust this handle. It’s not working that way anymore, or inconsistent at best. I also notice that my touches display blue dots and they didn’t used to, I dont have any accessibility features turned on. Really driving me crazy. I’m on the new M1 iPad Pro. Is anyone else noticing this behavior? Thanks, Jim
  11. And continuing to look into this, I had the bright idea of using the equivalent of PS “Blend if” mode which is more powerful in Affinity… I have an image that I select the lightness channel and pull both the left and right sides of the destination curve down to the bottom- therefore eliminating the pixel values… it reduces the look but drains the AB channels as well in the composite (even though I didn’t adjust them) They appear untouched, but visually the effect I am going for is completely gone. Frustrating, I guess this should be a bug report.
  12. Well, I could atleast fill the Lightness channel with 50% grey and that did the trick. I feel for @TLeyva… Swizzling channels is a standard for 3D game asset creation… I would think the folks at Affinity could look into that with a fresh new approach that would really help them make in roads with that type of workflow.
  13. This is really a feature that needs to be implemented… I use it especially when working in LAB color mode, (which overall I don't think is working correctly atleast compared to PS) ButI need to be able to mix the A and B channels without the Lightness channel in the mix at all. I am really shocked this is not possible!
  14. Josie, This is why I suggested you convert your type to curves? Does this make sense to you now?
  15. Sure, but I’m trying to teach best practices here… I’m not going out of my way to find a font Ill never use.
  16. Hi Josie, See my screen shot, this is what your design looks like without your fonts installed on my system. I would recommend duplicating your text layer and converting it to curves.
  17. Thats looking great! One tip, when sending this to others, they may not have the same font as you are using, so best practices is to send a copy that you convert the type to curves. It’s under the Layer menu or if on iPad its under the top drop down menu.
  18. Ummmm…. Just curious. 1.) why did you think this was something to look up as a copyright infringement? And 2.) while the question being asked is clearly someone that doesn’t know what they are doing, sometimes we need to step out of our professional shell to either help or avoid a thread… just saying as I am blown away that you took time to seek this crap out.
  19. Seriously LOL, why is this so hard to get done? I know Serif is aware of this request. So frustrating! Get the damn intern to do it already!
  20. This reminds me of the request for simply mapping the delete key… I’m giving up on the details until they make a splash with a 2.0 release.
  21. @DM1Yep, thanks that is how I understood it to work, but it just didn’t seem to be working that way…. I was still allowing the curves to adjust beyond their values. It seems to be working with the PSD I brought in. Sometimes I think the iPad version does wonky things and a restart fixes it up. I know thats true with Designer and Adobe fonts, but I’m just glad it sees them now. -Jim
  22. Hi DM1, Yes, that is what I was working with, it just wasn’t working as expected. While I know these are more powerful than PS version, this is also proving to be harder to adjust. I did bring in a PSD with the curves already set with their blend if modes adjusted and it seems to be working well now. I peaked at the adjustments and some of them translated over very extreme and I think it would be hard to replicate easily in photo. I am hoping to make some kind of macro to reproduce these curves with their blend set up. Thanks, Jim
  23. Hi, I am trying to replicate my zone system from photoshop. I use curves with blend if to control how much tonal range a curve can adjust. I have tried several ways within photo and it doesn’t work. I have tried with fill layers, and it works as expected there, but even if I copy and paste the style to a curve adjustment layer I can still tweak the curve to adjust any tone within the image. Maybe I’ll bring in a layered set up from PS to try… but I am thinking it still will provide the same issues I am seeing. Anyone else experienced this? Thanks, Jim
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