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  1. So, I have just repeated the procedure once again from a clean start after shutting down the computer in the meantime. This time it has worked without deleting the text. Everything has worked as it should do - all text is now set to German as the language. Thanks once again, Carl!
  2. Thanks, Carl! Your proposal is definitely on the right track. Unfortunately, though, I'm having some difficulty implementing it. I have set the new paragraph style to German language spelling and have set the font characteristics as shown in the first attachment (no change to all parameters). However, when I run a find and replace, the text ends up being deleted and I am left with a lot of text frames with no text in them. Interestingly, if I run the same find and replace with the text size set to, say, 12pt, (second attachment) then the language is indeed changed to German, but of course all the text is then converted to 12 pt throughout the document. I'm not sure what is going on there.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome and rapid response, Walt! Unfortunately neither of those two prerequisites apply. There is no paragraph style and the text frames are not linked. I should perhaps explain that the document in question is a PDF which I imported for experimentation purposes. Nonetheless it seems a bit peculiar that there doesn't appear to be a straightforward way to select all text frames...
  4. How can I select all the text in a document? The background is that the spell check language is set to English and the actual language of the document is German. I wish to select all the text in the document and change it in one fell swoop from English to German. I have tried selecting all the pages in the "Pages" window on the left of the UI, and I have tried selecting all the Text Layers in the Layers window on the right of the UI, but unfortunately neither of them worked. Interestingly, selecting the Text Layers did seem to select all the Text Boxes in the document, but when I changed the language in the Character Tab, it had no effect. Thanks for any help! Steve

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