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  1. Hi guys, I can't locate the mesh warp tool on Affinity photo..I see tutorials where it is being shown in the toolset area below the text tool. But I can't find it. Please help! Screenshot below..
  2. Hi there, So I created a document and some slices on it. Could anyone tell me what the black arrow slice selector is for in the export persona? I'm trying to use it to grab and select the slices but it doesn't seem to work..
  3. Thank you Alfred..Since I wanted to keep the original too, I duplicated it and broke the curve and deleted the other parts! It would be nice if we could just select two nodes and copy the path between them..
  4. Hi guys, I want to cut/copy only a part of the curve but I can't get it to work..for example, i want the part of the curve between any two points I mark on the path ..how do i do it? Many thanks
  5. I made sure there was a point at the intersection at exactly the middle point of the shape and it seems to snap now, I also made a cross mark type vector like gearmaker suggested, that works too, thanks!
  6. Hi Team, I also use AD to draft clothing patterns and other work where measurement is of supreme importance and work has to be precise. Features that will help with this are missing in AD. I'm sure you are adding and will keep adding features; I would realllllly appreciate it if you could bring these features to AD soon. I'm dependent on it to use them for my work and it's absolutely necessary. Following are some scenarios and features that I think will help; 1) Using pen tool, when I click a point and move my mouse/cursor etc, I want to know the measurement of how far I'm going; so I'll know when to stop and click my next point. Similar to how some of the dynamic guides work. 2) When I select a series of nodes on a path, I want to know the length of that curve or line. Without these two, for me it's not efficient to work in AD and is too time consuming to get the results I want..Hope to see these in AD updates soon..Thank you very much!
  7. @Gear maker, and all of you, thank you so much! I tried out the GearMakerDashSystem and it is helping me with some of the things I'm doing!
  8. Please find attached afdesign doc.. I use this "cross mark" vector to note marking points in my design/pattern and use them as a guide for further drafting. I need the intersection of this vector to snap to other stuff/lines and points. Tried several things but it just won't snap..It snaps to everything except the middle intersecting line which is what I want.. All relevant snapping options are enabled in the manager..Is this a bug? snapping doesnt work.afdesign
  9. Yeah I will be posting it soon; it is a much needed feature I think. Several others also seem to need it.. YepFor almost straight but not straight curves, I do copy the paths and superimpose them and make the best of it... Also, I just use an actual measuring tape, place it on the screen, measure the first curve and in that same zoom %, I mark and measure the other curve.. I tried this last night and I find that this actually makes things faster for me..
  10. single ones and it also calculates along a series of nodes and line segments..It calculates based on all selected nodes and paths..please take a look at image 1.. For clothing patterns too, we need all edges to match with each other precisely... Here's one example for where curves need to match for a clothing pattern..The sleeve curve has to match the front and back armhole of a bodice pattern..So in this case, i cannot superimpose the curves and ensure both curves are of the same length..Unless there is reason (ex.,for ease, other design features) for a difference to exist, all joining parts should precisely match..
  11. Hi, I find that I need to do something like this too..Could you please let me know how you did this?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, John.. In Illustrator, the document info panel, among other things, it also calculates the length of the selected path...That used to help.. I don't have Illustator now..
  13. I'm making garment patterns and for example, I need to match the front and the back seam curves..So I would need to measure these lines (at the very least - two nodes).. How come there is no way in AD to know the lengths of lines and curves?
  14. Hi guys I found out and use the combo of V/transform tool width/height values to figure out the "length" of fully horizontal/vertical lines. But how do I measure paths that are not horizontal/vertical and also curved lines/paths? I need lines to match in certain scenarios.. Best, _Rupa_
  15. Hi there, With the node tool, I see that most nodes are in marked in blue while some are in red..Is there a reason for why they are red? When do they become red? I have attached a picture with an example..
  16. I checked it out, yes it will be useful in some instances for me, thank you!
  17. Even if it doesn't merge the nodes, this option does make it easier to grab the curves instead of selecting them individually before moving them..
  18. The curves stop being "independent" and are sort of getting grouped together( in the layers panel) but the nodes are still separate and are not merged.
  19. Oh! Is there a way in AD to make a compound path and retain the shapes drawn? The Create compound in AD is not working for what I want to draft.. I need to constantly change shapes from existing ones and make new designs, so any feature that ll help me achieve this is vital..
  20. Hi there, I'm a new user of Affinity Design and pracitising drawing with the pen/node tool..Help needed please.. How do I draw lines onto already drafted lines and connect them? For example, as in the attached image, I have two lines and I want to insert a line joining these 2 lines..They should be connected to both lines. When I click on the middle point of the first line and the second line, it draws a line but it is not connected to those lines. Join or close curve is not connecting them..Please let me know how to achieve this? Thank you!
  21. Hi, Thank you! I couldn't directly layout and print off on A4 sheets without margins(I have a basic printer with limited options)..So I had to create rectangle boxes and use these along with guide marks to match them up after printing them out. Each slice should be of the dimension rectangle. While I was able to get more or less close to it; there was some difficulty in getting the lines of the rectangle not being missed out in the slices. So did a bunch of pixel calculations and used the Transform window to adjust the values; now it seems to be fine! While this needs more effort and calcualtions than just creating artboards for the required size and its ease of use, until they give me the ability to do this, the slicing method should be fine; Thank you so much! Also, the snapping on the slicing action doesn't seem to be working on the leftmost columns for me; do you experience that as well? Sometimes, snapping with a vertical guide doesn't work and in some cases with the horizontal guide..
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